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Avatar marco.brunetti asked

Widgetkit 2.9.12 not showing instagram gallery


I just noticed that after an update my sites don't show the instagram gallery widgetkit anymore. No errors, just a blank space where the images should be. I tried changing feed but it's dead, shows nothing.

My sites are in Wordpress, latest version with latest widgetkit updates. I have some sites on a Wordpress Network, others are standalone sites, and I get the same problem, with no errors.

Thanks in advance for your time and help! - Joseph

PS: I already emptied browser cache, widgetkit cache, disabled site cache etc!

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  • Widgetkit
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11 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Yootheme has released Widgetkit 2.9.13. Please try it.


Avatar chris.almeland.9 answered

Same problem here

Joomla 3.8.1
Widgetkit 2.9.12

It worked yesterday. Today it's blank.

Any advice ?


Avatar marco.brunetti answered

Oh ok, at least it's known and your umpalumpas are workin' eheheh!! Is there a quick workaround until you release an official fix? Such as uploading a certain old file from one of the backups we have? Thanks! - Joseph


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Update from Yootheme


the issue is not related to YOOtheme Pro 1.10.

Instagram has changed their API and since 07.11.2017 the unauthorized version is not available anymore. There are reports from other apps that are experiencing the same issue.

We will have a look at this.


Avatar marco.brunetti answered

Oh ok, I guess I'll switch the gallery with a hand made gallery in the meanwhile, when instagram works again I'll re-install the widgetkit! Thanks for your work, I'll wait then! - Joseph


Avatar dariusz.jaszewski answered

I have the same problem. Just updated to the lates one and... stoppped working the Instagram feed.


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Hi there,

how are you doing?

This is a known problem and Yootheme is looking into this.

Have a great day!

Best regards


Avatar sandstorm871 answered

Joomla 3.8.2
Warp 7 Chester Theme

Same Issue Here, Instagram Gallery stopped showing up when used within a Widgetkit Gallery.

Is there a widgetkit fix or is there something that we need to do within Instagram to solve this?



Avatar marco.brunetti answered

HEELLLL YEAH!!! Works for me :D Thanks bros!!! - Joseph

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