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Avatar gakko asked

Scroll not working after 1.10 update


Uikit scroll is not working after the new 1.10 version update.

  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

3 Answers


Avatar thomas.venugopal.19 answered

For me it is still working but with another speed. It's slower than before...


Avatar gakko answered

Just found out that it does not work if the section id is a number!!. So changed them to text and it's fine now.



Avatar hannes.martin answered

Unbelievable - I really do not want to know how long you have been looking for this mistake or how you have found it - since days I'm looking for my mistake and then you say it may not be a number ...

... until the update to 1.10 everything had worked great and then something like that ...

... that was not funny ... dear developers of yootheme !!

Thank you so much gakko !!

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