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Avatar anna.robinson asked

Error: Call to undefined method Joomla\\CMS\\Document\\JsonDocument::addCustomTag()

I have 2 different websites that with problems after updates YOOtheme Pro 1.10.0 and/or 1.10.2. I have tested this thoroughly so I know both issues appear right after the update. I now rolled back to previous version (1.9.9) on one of the sites and both problems disappeared.

The issues are:
1) Can't connect to site in Watchful.li service.
2) OSMap Pro can't generate sitemap.xml

Valentin at Watchful suggested there might be a problem with the template. He says the error that is causing the issue is: Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Document\JsonDocument::addCustomTag()

I would be very grateful if you could look into this. I've left YOOtheme Pro latest version on one of the sites so you can see the issue (hopefully).
I'm giving you URLs and login in Hidden info.

Please let me know if you need any other information.


UPDATE 2017-11-13

Just updated formfranska.com to 1.10.3 from 1.9.9 and it still can't connect in Watchful.li so the issue is still not solved with 1.10.3.

UPDATE 2017-11-17 Solved

Thank you @kayhan & @michael.maass

I've updated to 1.10.4 and inserted my custom code again an connection to Watchful is now working.

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14 Answers


Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

Call to undefined method Jommla\CMS\Document\RawDocument::addCustomTag()

Please update to YOOtheme Pro 1.10.4. It takes care of this issue.

Thank you


Avatar kayhan Support Online answered

The addCustomTag issue has been fixed in version 1.10.4. Please backup and update. Thanks for your patience!


Avatar platform8 answered

We do experience the same issues on different sites.
Is there a timing for the fix?


Avatar davidmdawson answered

I installed 1.10.3 last night and it made no difference...


Avatar platform8 answered

Update --> as a hint to the developers:

A Connection to the watchful.li-service can again be established when we remove custom scripts in the yootheme pro backend.

In Detail:
We are using Adobe fonts to integrate custom Fonts via script. When we remove the script, Watchful.li can reconnect.

I hope this is of help.



Avatar stephan.herby answered

Just to confirm i meet the same problem.
I have added a custom code :

// Separator Countdown  

And when I remove it, Watchful can connect again without any error "0 - Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Document\JsonDocument::addCustomTag()"


Avatar anna.robinson answered

Hi davidmdawson,

Oh, thank you. Even if we don't have a solutions yet I feel there is hope now that I'm not the only one with this problem.

I've upvoted your post https://yootheme.com/support/question/116328

Could you please upvote mine as well so we hopefully get the attention?


Avatar davidmdawson answered

done... pretty desperate to get this fixed tbh


Avatar jan Yootheme answered

Thanks for reporting, we'll release a fix asap.


Avatar anna.robinson answered

Thank you platform8,

I confirm! I also removed the Custom Code (Template >Settings> Custom Code) and now the connection works with Watchful again (2 sites).
The code I had was for analytics (Hotjar and Heap).


Avatar renem answered

Same problem here, and i don't even use custom code. Please fix asap.

Regards René

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