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2 Answers


Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

I want to add a second bottom position to my Yootheme Pro template.

In YOOtheme Pro you can simply add it in the Builder. Please take a look at Themes > YOOtheme Pro > Documentation > Website Builder > Builder.

Add a new module position warp 7 - Yootheme Pro

Mind that "Warp 7" and "YOOtheme Pro" are very different.

When I use the tutorial http://yootheme.com/themes/documentation/customizing/create-a-new-module-position it don´t work for me.

This tutorial is from the "Warp 6" documentation. It does not apply to "YOOtheme Pro" templates.

Thank you



Avatar flusen answered

Hi michael.maass,

thank you for your answer. But in the builder i can not double the module position eg. bottom -> add a new position: bottom-2 ?
Or am I wrong - then i can´t find it. Can you help me, please?

(Inserting any module or moduleposition is not my question)

Greetings, flusen

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