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Avatar houston.digital asked

UI Kit - Modal Problem

Hi, the modal component has a problem when it's long and a scrollbar is displayed (in the browser, not in the modal)
If you click the scrollbar to actually scroll, once you release the click, the modal just fade out. It shouldn't have that behaviour since you are 'scrolling', not clicking outside of the modal to close it.

Hi Hendrik, please go here and open the one Center - With Scrollbar (it has the browser scrollbar, not a modal scrollbar with overflow, and when you click there the modal fades away)

  • UIkit


1 Answer


Avatar hendrik Yootheme Online answered


i can not confirm the issue you describe. When there is long content inside the modal the scrollbar does work without issues for me.

Do you have an example where i can inspect this?

I see the issue now and we have added it to the todo list.
The current workaround would be to use the class 'uk-overflow-auto' to create the scrollbars inside the modal.



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