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Avatar sven.grossenbacher asked

YTP Multilingual site - Yootheme Pro Multilanguage - Logo pointing to home of default language instead of active language


On our multilingual site the logo of the site is linking always to the homepage of the default site language instead of the current languages homepage.

When you are for example on this (Italian Version) page - and click the logo, you will be taken to the Spanish Homepage of the site - instead of the Italian.

It works on other multilingual sites I have done before.
For example on this site where the default language is English I can click on the logo and it takes me to the correct homepage (Spanish).
In the Network it shows me a 302 redirect to: es/ which on the site I have the problem this 302 does not show and it always takes me to the default site.

  • so maybe somebody can see where I made a mistake...

I checked the System - Language Filter Plugin and all seems to be correct.
When I click on the home menu item link it works
But when I click on the logo it always takes me to the default site language...

The Logo must always link to the homepage of the current language - but I cannot find the mistake I made.

How can I make that work correctly?

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2 Answers


Avatar nemanja Support answered

joompa language plugin System - Language Filter >>>>>>> Remove URL Language Code this needs to be set to no

Global Configuration  >>>>>https://screenshots.firefox.com/8H38JdvNZcdJjxPQ/www.kliniccannabisclub.com

i think it s resolved


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