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Avatar paco.almena asked

Florence -> Style White Red

Hi there.
My colleague likes very much the White-Red style. But when loading the style (we understand that there is now content for the style) but even though there should be a clear style from where we can learn how to create a nice slide show (white-Red) as you have made, right?

So If we want to "learn" how you made the slideshow in the white-red style (only for the homepage) how could we achieve this?
Is there no additional space from where we can Import the other styles (white-orange, light-pink, etc..etc)

When we go to the constructor -> Library -> frontpage we see only 1 default style. Where can we find the other styles (like white Red) for example
As we would like to use/learn to duplicate THAT specific style with the respective parameters
Hoping to hear from you again.

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1 Answer


Avatar hanna Yootheme answered

Hi Paco,

I am not very sure what your question is, but to find other styles you should simply go to the Style Library, which is situated in Website Builder -> Style. Click on the style's name, and you will see all the style variations starting from FUSE.

If you also want to see the Demo Content, you would need to go the Layout Library and choose Pro. Mind that you can use a different style with the layouts, so they will not necessarily look like on our demo page unless the Style and the Layout belong to the same theme.

Note: There is a checkbox "Replace existing content" when choosing a new layout. Do not check it if you do not want to loose your content. This way the layout will be added to the end of the page.

Hope this answers your question.


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