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Avatar nicolas.bonfils asked

Header size and padding

in the Pro Version of FUSE I want to reduce the height of the slideshow to 450px.
What is the optimal wide size for my picture?
And how can I reduce the space / padding between the top menu and the slideshoww position "header" ?

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4 Answers


Avatar michael.anlauf Support Online answered

Check also your slideshow settings! If section and element is set padding to non then only the slideshow itself can be responsible.


Avatar michael.anlauf Support Online answered


The optimal size is which fits your needs and own demands. Just have in mind your site my used by smartphones in portrait view and also by a 27 inch 5k iMac.
The space you reduce in the related section and element settings.

Regards, Michael


Avatar nicolas.bonfils answered

Thanks Michael for your Answer.The size question is solved THX.

Regarding the Padding, I still can't find a solution. I set all the padding possibilities to "Xsmall" or "none"... The margin / space is still hudge between navigation and slideshow.

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