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Avatar joshgilson asked

YooTheme Pro overrides RSForm Pro v2

After Installing and using the new RS Form Pro v2 grid system with or without load css off in RS Form, YooTheme Pro conflicts with the form.
After contacting RS Joomla, they said this:

"I have tested this no our test servers and the Grid layout is working properly when using UiKit.

When taking a look at your website it appears that your template is overriding the UiKit style, thus generating the issues with the grid display. The file that generates the overwrites is:


You can easily test this by switching to a default Joomla! template : Protostar and testing the layouts one more time.

Since this is generated by your template it would be best to contact the developers of your template directly regarding this matter for a workaround."

Closing this thread for now as YooTheme/RS Joomla work together. I will update this with any final answers/fixes.

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11 Answers


Avatar octavian.cinciu answered


My name is Octavian from RSJoomla!. I hope you don't consider that I'm hijacking this thread, I want to make some clarifications:

We've bought a subscription from you, as you can see, and yes, we've tested one of your templates (they're really all the same, the sample data is different). Some questions:
Why didn't you implement - like all other frameworks out there - a 12 column grid system? It's been requested on GitHub but seems the ticket has been closed:
We've had to resort to creating our own classes to emulate this; we thank everyone in the issue tracker for their suggestions, they helped us overcome this limitation.

PS: Is the bug where your page builder is triggering content plugins twice fixed? We keep getting tickets from customers, I'm sure you know what I'm referring to.

Since you've already given us access to your website in our support system, I went ahead and logged in to take a look at your form. I've made a duplicate of it here:


And removed all the CSS code and extra classes you've added on the fields - to make sure that there's nothing interfering. Apart from the issue of black inputs on a black background with black text (coming from the template, it seems you were overriding them with grey backgrounds from your own code) and the fact that the Stripe elements aren't styled (that's how they work, you need to rewrite the CSS on the fields for them to look like your other fields), I don't see any other issues.

I've also removed the "uk-form-horizontal" class since you plan on not using labels next to your fields and they were taking up space.

Please update to 2.0.2, as you're missing the custom grid classes I'm talking about. When you disabled the loading of our version of UIkit 3, the classes were not loaded - that's an oversight from our side and has been fixed.



Avatar kayhan Support answered

I think I have to refer this back to RSForm. Their argumentation is a bit "laughable" (I hope that does not sound rude). It looks like they have never tested their uikit3 forms with a uikit 3 template ... Probably the only reason to use the uikit3 layout is because a user uses Yootheme Pro, right?

Please tell them to test their stuff with a Yootheme Pro template. But if they did, then thye should send the RSForm Pro component with detailed bug report to info@yootheme.com. The protostar test is not really a good argument ...


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Great it sounded like you only tested with protostar.

@octavian I am not a Yootheme developer, please send an email to info@yootheme.com (along with the component). It is probably better to take this technical discussion offline. Thanks!

I sent a heads-up to the developer.

Thanks also for creating uikit forms. This is good stuff, and I always recommend them, when user ask for uikit compatible forms ;-)


Avatar brad.kaiser.43 answered

Thanks again for sharing, Josh. This works perfectly for me!

Admission... when I first saw someone had something new for YooTheme Pro and RS Forms Pro, I was excited by the fantasy that it might be something to help with the actual layout of the forms. I've been working on some fairly complex forms and I wish the grid worked properly without me having to lay the forms out by hand.

Here's one of the forms, if you're interested...

Separate from my whinging, I have, on more than one occasion, forgotten the ID of the form I needed to put in an HTML element, and had to go back and find it. NO MORE!!

Thanks again!


Avatar kayhan Support answered

What version of uikit does RsForm use?

Because uikit 2 and 3 are not compatible ...


Avatar patrick.faasse.70 answered

Hi Josh,

I'm using the new RSForm v2 and latest Yootheme Pro here at the bottom: https://www.singleplus.nl/

I experienced the same isssue when I tried to use the 2 column layout,.



Avatar brad.kaiser.43 answered

This is awesome and I'm going to test it right away with some complex forms I've been working on.

Thank you! (drinks pending results of testing...)


Avatar joshgilson answered

Brad, I Really like that form! Very nice. I agree, it wish it was a little easy to use the grid system. I sometimes use JS override or manually edit the code. I have one website that uses over 100 forms on it so we created this element for my sanity! Good luck and let me know if you need anything else!

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