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Avatar david.simpson asked

Integrating Multiple Zoo Entries with Zoo Maps or Widgetkit Maps

I have a business directory (in Zoo) with several hundred listings. I'd like to start showing some (or all) of them on a map, and Widgetkit Maps seems the way to go. However, I can't see any way of adding multiple items to a WK map unless I do it manually for each entry. Is there any way to get multiple entries from Zoo to automatically show up on a single Google Map?

I have a sneaking suspicion the answer is "No," but I really like Zoo and am hoping to avoid switching to another system like JReviews.

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10 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Did you try to add all items from a category (after you clicked the "use zoo" button in widgetkit)?


Avatar thomas.faull answered

Hi andrea.stephenson.24, that's exactly what I am trying to do but can't get it to work. The map loads but no markers are shown.
Any tips at all?


Avatar sean.grant answered

I am also trying to achieve this effect, but am unable to get Widgetkit to display anything at all (and have setup WidgetKit as indicated here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wZJBHoMuoNUe6LsucuWRlchbRX2fOARdcHWDYUUffKs/

I was seeing "Google Geocoding API error: You are over your quota." but am now only seeing a gray box. No errors, just nothing.

Please could you advise how I can resolve this issue, as I would really like to display multiple markers from the Zoo Directory on a single map.

Thanks, Sean


Avatar alex.barendregt.12 answered

Hi, how did you solve the need ? I also have a business entry and would like to show them all.


Avatar quartus answered

Hi everybody

Has this ever been solved?

Do I have to use the "business directory" app? Does the map work as well with the free apps, for example the blog app?

@andrea.stephenson.24: What exactly did you mean by "don't forget to set your layout in Zoo"?

thank you



Avatar quartus answered

Hello, does everybody got a hint for us?


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