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Avatar sebastian.schloendorf.75 asked

Error loading component: com_finder, 1

after updating to from J2.5.7 to J2.5.8 i receive the message: "Error loading component: com_finder, 1" on saving any item in Zoo. It does not avoid saving or any other action, but the message makes me a little nervous, thinking something is wrong on our new site. Any idea how to get rid of this is appreciated.

Regards, Sebastian.

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3 Answers


Avatar mustaq Support answered

Try to reinstall Joomla, perhaps your Upgrade was corrupted.
You could use a Tool like the free Admin Tools or downlaod a Full Joomla pacage from Joomla.org and then unzip it and delte the instalation directory, then FTP all of that to your Joomla installation, thereby replacing all current Joomla CMS files.

I take it that you always have the latest ZOO, Theme and other extensions on your site too.



Avatar collin.wade.thiessen answered

Found this on another site but fixed my problem after upgrading

This is what happened:

1.I was told to go to

extensions -> extensions manager -> database tab

If it shows any problems, click on the fix button and see if it's working then.

But that didn't do anything. but it might have helped as it wasn't happy at first.

  1. Then I was told

When you are in the admin side of your site, if you use the following url, do you see any errors?


I got 2 errors and below it said this:

Smart Search content plug-in is not enabled. Changes to content will not update the Smart Search index if you do not enable this plug-in.

  1. I was asked to also try the discover button near the database one to see if there are any partial installs

  2. I had a bunch of search plugins not totally installed it seamed.

  3. I was told to check all the boxes next to the search stuff I found and click on install and then check the db tab again to see if it needs updating again.

  4. My errors were gone.

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