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Avatar kelly.mcclain asked

Wishlist: Events Calendar for Zoo with widgekit integration.

I would absolutely LOVE to see an events calendar App for Zoo with widget integration that only YOO-Guys can do right. I've been downloading and testing many but none look that great. I'm making due with a few out there with current projects but they just look like something slapped on the site with nothing in common with the rest of the theme. My clients really enjoy using zoo for their products and directories but get hung up on the calendar components and modules asking "why can't it be as pretty as the rest of the site?"

Just curious if there has been any consideration for additional apps for zoo as well.

Examples of clients wish lists I've heard so far for real world application of an events app ...

  • Musicians ... want to post their gigs and where they are playing using maps and a calendar.

  • Artists ... want to post their art shows using an image gallery showcasing their works and maps that could be tied into an event on a calendar.

  • Private music teacher ... wants to use a calendar to show his availability for potential students looking to book a time slot.

  • Real Estate Agents ... want to post their listings (especially the coastal homes/mansions) using maps and a calendar when there are open houses for viewing.

  • City/Gov site owners ... want to be able to use a calendar that uses maps to post monthly events such as art/music/craft festivals, fair, town halls, board meetings, committee meetings.

EVERY site I've applied ZOO to has been an awesome experience for both me and the client. It just seems the only missing app is an EVENTS APP.

I could see this as another widget that uses the existing apps like the product catalog and business directory or a whole new app for zoo.

(I won't mention the wish for an shopping cart / e-commerce app here but uh ... (cough cough) that would make my world absolutely poi-fect!)


Many thanks,


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41 Answers


Avatar ryan.jones answered

+1 (100x) for a ZOO event app and other YOOtheme developed ZOO Premium Apps.


Avatar guido.volkmann answered

1+ ... but this feature request is nearby so old, like zoo itself...


Avatar zeusrw answered

Not that it will do any use but here's another +1


Avatar gavin.harper answered

I really like the styling of a certain calendar / events module by that other space-ship themed club :o)

For me, what I would really like, is that "timeline functionality" of the events module, but as well as linking calendar items to that timeline; also being able to just add the data and link manually.... 1960's, 1970's, 1980's for example.


Avatar y00them3user answered


We use Ohanah too. Their event registration, payment integration and added modules are very cleverly built. Their new calendar in 2.0 sucks though... so it doesn't do much as a comprehensive calendar. If you could duplicate all the features of Ohanah plus add a decent calendar...

Zoo+Widgetkit would kill with a calendar app!


Avatar frank.aucoin answered

In response the my previous question about Zoolanders' Events, I decided to subscribe and I must say that I'm much satisfied with both the app and the support.


Avatar bigjens answered

Could use it for my actual project ;-)


Avatar ghammond answered

This would be awesome. I'd love tobe able to have a widgetkit slideshow of the events too.


Avatar calvaryhouston answered

zoolanders too expensive for church that just wants to keep folks informed. thinking of just going Google Cal - anyone?


Avatar ysmay.gray answered

I'd love it if y'all had an events app for Zoo. That's the only thing missing.

What would be great for me as a developer would be allowing us to choose which of, say 4 or 5 apps we can download with Zoo. More than half the apps that came with it I won't use, and the one app I'd really love, ya'll don't offer.

An ideal solution would be a scaling price system. We get the first 4 or 5 apps included in the basic package, but then pay a fee for each additional app we wish to add on after our initial selection.


Avatar frank.aucoin answered

I too agree that it would be nice to have a zoo app for managing events. But in the meantime, I was wondering if someone here has had the chance to try the Zoolanders Events app!? If so, could that person please tell me if Zoolanders' Events App allows its users to manage the events after they have been submitted (you know, like it is permitted with zoo apps)? Thanks!


Avatar sandra.jones answered

I would definitely love to have this in zoo!!!


Avatar kathy.boyd answered

Just adding to this so you know people are still interested in an events app. I would love to have an events/registration app for people signing up for classes!


Avatar 101creative answered

Zoo should have better integration with Facebook... such as the 6 Open Graph Meta tags.. such as the one that allows you to specify an image to display on Facebook when you post a link from a Zoo item!


Avatar aentz83 answered

I would love to have a ZOOEvent calendar app.


Avatar gosa answered

+1 I also would love this feature.


Avatar kevin.morrison.1 answered

Typically I find Joomla developers to be stuffy coders that do not have an eye for design and most lack organizational skills as is testament by the Warp Theme admin area. The YooTheme team is an exception for the most part but they lack motivation and rarely step far from their box. If Joomla had more coders like Wordpress it would become the one all CMS for everyone. No flames please because I am not saying WP is a CMS, only that those that create for it have more going for them than most Joomla developers do. As you can see from this calendar built for it.


The look and feel of this calendar reminds me of what YooTheme could create if they had enough ambition.

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