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Avatar daniel.beuthe asked

Offline Page

Joomla 3.1.5 - Theme > Showroom

Salut Yoo team!

I would like to make small changes on the offline page (add a picture+change the message) but the "offline" settings in the config panel of the Joomla administration have no effect on the Yoo theme offline page : only the Yoo theme message and layout appears.

So I checked the directories and files on the server and I found 3 different offline.php files :

  • template-syst-offline.php
  • template-Yoo-offline.php
  • template-Yoo-warp-syst-joomla-layouts-offline.php

But it seems a complete non-sens to work in a php file when it's possible to simply make the job from the site administration. Did I missed something somewhere?

Thank you for your answer, have a nice day.


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6 Answers


Avatar francesca.benoldi answered

little workarround:

file offline.php add the following lines:

echo '<div id="offline">  
    <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>  
    jQuery(function($) {  
        $("#offline").click(function() {  
                $(".tm-offline").show( "slow", function() {  
    ' ;

theme.css add:

.tm-offline {  
  width: 300px;  
  display: none;  
div#offline {  
    width: 100%;  
    height: 100vh;  
    background-color: #000;  

now you can customize Offline page and on click to "ACCEDI" button the login module will appear.



Avatar simon.bieri answered

Answer from mustaq:

Currently there is no other way, but your feedback is noted and appreciated.

But nothing happend. I'm using Avenue with warp 7 and there is still no possibility to customize the offline page in a simple way.
When there's no easy way to change this page, why not using the standard joomla settings?

But for now, please add in your documentation, that offline.php needs to be copied to templates/[yoo_template]/layouts for override. For a non professional, it's not that obvious!




Avatar daniel.beuthe answered


I read it in the documentation page before sending my message but it seemed obvious to me that there was a simpler way since this simple way exists natively in the Joomla administration.

Suggestion for the future : choosing a YOO theme in the admin site could switch to a YOO control panel with the specific features. Or ... too simple?



Avatar daniel.beuthe answered

Hi Mustak & YOO team

I didn't check your answer yesterday since :

  1. I still don't know how to change the "offline" message - ok, it's generated automaticaly in the php file ('message') but where the hell can I change it?
  2. the link you gave in your answer (that disapeared) "customize the error pages" is not quite correct : there is no "offline.php" file in the /warp/layouts directory, just an "error.php" file

The "offline.php" file stands simply in the /warp/syst/joomla/layouts directory. And to make it even simplier de css file stands in the warp directory under the name error.css ... obviously! Why not an "offline.css" file ?

I made most of the changes that I wanted to do yesterday evening with an "offline" image just using html. It seems I cannot use php using the native "images" directory in Joomla, maybe I am wrong, I will try again later on.

But I am very surprised how you succeeded in making things complicated where things could be simple. I am afraid that this complexity could be the source of extensions conflicts in the future. And saying that I have another suggestion to organize the YOO directories and files :

template/YOO/YOO_template/ etc
template/YOO/warp/ etc

So that you could update "warp" seperatly from the YOO templates instead of linking the template to a specific warp release. Does it make sens?

Anyway, I am still waiting for the answer to my question : where can I change the offline message ? Thank you




Avatar daniel.beuthe answered

Oh! Sorry Francesca, it's been a while I haven't used the Yoo support - I eventually found the solution to change the image and text on the offline page.

Still, the font is not the one of the theme but a standard helvetica. Thanks a lot for your answer anyway... after one year.

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