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Avatar dominik.adam asked

Menu disappears

We use Vida and Warp Theme.

Responsive layout disabled according to your documentation.

Problem: The menu disappears if the browser window width is smaller than ~ 960px.

We did find a "workaround" with the mentioned offcanvas menu, but we prefer if the regular menu is always shown.

Any idea or help?

Thank you in advance!

  • Joomla
  • Vida


2 Answers


Avatar michael.maass Support answered

You can considerably increase your chances of getting a useful answer if you post a link to your site. This would also indirectly reveal which CMS you use (Joomla or WordPress). An important detail where instructions are required.

Use a text editor capable of UTF-8 encoding to open your Warp 7 theme's/template's file

  • templates/yoo_vida/css/custom.css (WordPress)


  • wp-content/themes/yoo_vida_wp/css/custom.css (Joomla)

and at the very end add exactly the following CSS:

.uk-navbar .uk-visible-large,  
.uk-navbar .uk-hidden-small {  
display: block !important;  

.uk-navbar .uk-hidden-large,  
.uk-navbar .uk-navbar-flip {  
display: none !important;  

Save and close the file.

Reload the page in the frontend and resize the window to see if the "regular" menu is not hidden anymore at lower resolutions.

Thank you

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Avatar dominik.adam answered

Thank you for the awesome support.

It works perfectly!

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