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Avatar ideamachine asked

How can you update your warp theme framework to get rid of the update notification "New version available! Download Warp Theme Framework 7.2.3"

when I click "New version available! Download Warp Theme Framework 7.2.3" it redirects me to the yootheme home page. when I click on downloads I only have the option to download a new theme how can I download the framework to update my theme instead of replacing the theme?

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Avatar mustaq Support answered

Download the latest theme package and the follow How to update
If you only need to update the framework, just replace the themes exisitng /warp with the latest downlaods /warp via FTP or simply install the new theme package over the existing theme package.




Avatar nick.crossman answered

Thanks Mustaq, I had the same question. Would it be possible to just have a Warp update file and not have to unpack a theme and use FTP ? As Daron said, it's quite confusing to be sent to a Templates page and not be able to find the Warp download in the Downloads area.


Avatar indieislands answered

I second Nick ... this is kind of a warped way to update warp.


Avatar ckotelmach answered

The link you have in the Template manager, should take you directly to the download it references, not the Yootheme home page. This is annoying and defies logic.


Avatar kristopher.may answered

I agree. An actual "warp update" button would be super sweet :)


Avatar quartermaster answered

Why does YooTheme make this such an ordeal? The Warp framework is free.
I did find that YooPlates offers well-documented steps to accomplishing this, as well as a direct download:
As is often the case, better support from a third-party website. :-(


Avatar geoffr answered

Yes this is confusing. How would we know if we needed to update only the framework or the 'theme'? What do you mean by 'theme'? -- is this the template? What do you mean by 'package'? -- do you mean the demo package with the template?




Avatar ty.fairclough.24 answered

This link to the site is rubbish. constantly confusing us, your users. Why can't this be a click install? Seriously all the other good extensions are doing it.


Avatar dominic.morel answered

Hi Mustaq,

I have updated the Nano 3 Template and tried to upload the /Warp folder from three different templates (Joomla) including Nano 3, Warp Master and the most recent Peak... I still get:

New version available! Download Warp Theme Framework 7.3.1

when editing the template.


Avatar agould answered

I agree. It is confusing. My site says there is a Warp update but the template (Joomla) version has not been updated. There should be a link to just update Warp if the template has not been updated.


Avatar judy.taylor answered

Yes need proper update not this... bicycle inventing each time.


Avatar jakexo answered

I hate to be negative toward YOO but damn quartermaster THANK YOU for the link!!! Joomlaplates just made the process so easy!

YOO - please take a cue from Joomlaplates on how to update your own framework. Maybe have the link in the "Template" admin go to a similar landing page with simple steps and way more importantly - the WARP files to download per your Joomla version! SO SIMPLE!


Avatar eric.swinnen answered

Yeah, is always confusing how to update alone the Warp version.
It cannot be that difficult to make it simple for your clients YOO!
Just like giving links for the themes it must be easy to give a link on the download to the new Warp update...
Just do it :-)


Avatar kevin.morrison.1 answered

Being one of the highest priced template clubs you would think they could make this easier. They should look at how Rocket Theme does it, or really any of them. It is ridiculous that we have to go through all these steps to update the framework. The link given on the alert is a total joke as well and shows just how lazy this team really is!


Avatar jacob.gorny answered

Running into this with WP also dealing with the 7.3.14 update. I've replaced the theme folder after trying the warp folder - all a bust.


Avatar craig.kennedy answered

Little surprised at the lack of responses to this. I too had the very same issue. First time I received the update I sort of assumed it would update the warp only files, but as I quickly learned, it would undo all of my template tweaks and modifications, meaning I had to start again.


Avatar inordvativ answered

And 2 years later...still same issue????

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