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Avatar delfino.coelho.09 asked

Search for text in a Widgetkit

I realized just now that you can not search for text in Widgetkit.

I searched for a solution here in yoo support and just found answers like: "There is no WidgetKit search plug-in in existence." or "look at the Joomla Extensions Directory" ...

It is elementary that all the content a website has the ability to be available for search.

It is expected that any component that publishes content has a plugin that enables the search.

It is expected that Yootheme available a solution for something as obvious as that.

  • Joomla
  • Widgetkit

9 Answers


Avatar martin.honeck answered

Same issue. I wonder why this point isn't asked more, since the search function in a content management system is essential for the user and widgetkit is home for content. Of course it's easy to make a reference to joomla, but why the possibility to enter custom content which is apparently not part of the indexed joomla content is offered at all?
delfine.coelho.09 is right: We need the search function to point to the original page with rendered widgetkit a.e. slideshow content and not a single article.
Best regards


Avatar redonion.creative answered

There needs to be a plugin available for this. Widgetkit is built for content, and that content needs to be searchable. If there is one for Zoo, why not widgetkit?


Avatar zinfandel83 answered

Hi, update about this issue? I have same issue.


Avatar pere answered

Has this issue ever reached a solution?

Looks like this is another one of those Yootheme "not so important things to brings a solution"...

Working now with Widgetkit 2 and haven't found any relevant information about how to make content searchable


Avatar robert.gabriel answered

Has this issue ever reached a solution?

can you respond ?!


Avatar guillaume.trempe.49 answered

Do someone have a solution yet to search in widgetkit's content ?



Avatar .86 answered

No clear and easy solution...!? 3years after the identification of this bug??


Avatar nicolai answered


If you want the content of a widget you are using to be searchable you need to make the widget fetch its data from Joomla.

You can do this by creating articles belonging to a specific category. Then create a new widget by clicking on use Joomla and not "add new". You can then tell the widget to display all articles belonging to a specific category. Because articles are searchable, you then have a widget that is searchable.




Avatar delfino.coelho.09 answered

I understand that this solution is not professional ... something you'd expect from Yootheme.

There are two problems when doing this: - The search for the article point only (single item Widgetkit) and not the page where the Widgetkit (full) is published. - There is a need to create menu items for each item Widgetkit

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