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Help With: 500 - An error has occurred. JHtml: :element not supported. File not found.


First, thank you for such a great app. I have followed the steps to create a new element step-by-step, but always run into the same problem of error 500. Below I have pasted my code. If you could please let me with this, so I can learn to create this simple element, I can take it from there. Thank you in advance for your help!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<element type="address" group="MY_GROUP" orderable="true">
<author>John Doe</author>
<creationDate>April 2010</creationDate>
<copyright>THIS CAN PROBABLY BE OMITTED</copyright>
<authorEmail>john @ doe.com</authorEmail>
<description>HTML address fields</description>
<param name="city" type="text" default="" label="City" description="" />
<param name="zip" type="text" default="" label="Zip" description="" />
<param name="country" type="text" default="" label="Country" description="" />

    <params group="render">  
        <param name="separated_by" type="zoolist" default="Space" label="Separated by" description="CHOOSE_SEPARATOR_REPEATED_ELEMENTS">  
            <option name="Space"><![CDATA[separator=[ ]]]></option>  
            <option name="Comma"><![CDATA[separator=[, ]]]></option>  
            <option name="Hyphen"><![CDATA[separator=[ - ]]]></option>  
            <option name="Pipe"><![CDATA[separator=[ | ]]]></option>  
            <option name="Break"><![CDATA[separator=[<br />]]]></option>  
            <option name="Span"><![CDATA[tag=[<span>%s</span>]]]></option>  
            <option name="Paragraph"><![CDATA[tag=[<p>%s</p>]]]></option>  
            <option name="Div"><![CDATA[tag=[<div>%s</div>]]]></option>  
            <option name="List Item"><![CDATA[tag=[<li>%s</li>]]]></option>  
            <option name="Unordered List"><![CDATA[tag=[<li>%s</li>] enclosing_tag=[<ul>%s</ul>]]]></option>  
            <option name="Ordered List"><![CDATA[tag=[<li>%s</li>] enclosing_tag=[<ol>%s</ol>]]]></option>  
            <option name="Warp Item"><![CDATA[tag=[<article class="item">%s</article>]]]></option>  

* @package com_zoo
* @author YOOtheme http://www.yootheme.com
* @copyright Copyright (C) YOOtheme GmbH
* @license http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html GNU/GPLv2 only

// no direct access  
defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');  

// register ElementRepeatable class  
App::getInstance('zoo')->loader->register('ElementRepeatable', 'elements:repeatable/repeatable.php');  

   Class: ElementAddress  
       The address element class  
class ElementAddress extends ElementRepeatable implements iRepeatSubmittable {  

        Function: _getSearchData  
            Get repeatable elements search data.  

            String - Search data  
    protected function _getSearchData() {  
        return $this->get('value', $this->config->get('default'));  

       Function: _edit  
           Renders the repeatable edit form field.  

           String - html  
    public function _edit() {  
        $html = array();  
        $html[] = $this->app->html->_('element.editrow', 'Street', $this->app->html->_('control.text', $this->getControlName('street'), $this->get('street'), 'size="60" maxlength="255"'));  
        $html[] = $this->app->html->_('element.editrow', 'ZIP', $this->app->html->_('control.text', $this->getControlName('zip'), $this->get('zip'), 'size="60" maxlength="255"'));  
        $html[] = $this->app->html->_('element.editrow', 'Country', $this->app->html->_('control.text', $this->getControlName('country'), $this->get('country'), 'size="60" maxlength="255"'));  

        return implode("\n", $html);  
        Function: _renderSubmission  
            Renders the element in submission.  

            $params - AppData submission parameters  

            String - html  

    public function render($params = array()) {  
        return $this->get('street') . ', ' . $this->get('zip') . ', ' .$this->get('country');  

    public function _renderSubmission($params = array()) {  
        return $this->_edit();  
        Function: hasValue  
            Checks if the element's value is set.  

            $params - render parameter  

            Boolean - true, on success  

    public function hasValue($params = array()) {  
        $street = $this->get('street');  
        $zip = $this->get('zip');  
        $country = $this->get('country');  
        return !empty($street) ||!empty($zip) ||!empty($country);  
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