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Avatar waitz asked

URGENT! World map in Zoo using widgetkit2 with location pointers from 160 Zoo Items

How do I set up a World map as Zoo item using widgetkit 2 and add location pointers from 160 Zoo items that are added and removed by users??

The 160 Zoo items all have the same Type and are in sub-Categories under the same main Category. They have a field (Map) that contains their full map address as used by Google (e.g. 'Albert-Roßhaupter-Straße 104, 81369 München, Germany' or '52.62108657324407,4.629782438278198').

Using Widgetkit 2, I can create a World map as a Google map in a Custom or ZOO widget . For the Custom widget, I can manually add items that create pointers on the map. For the Zoo Item widget, I can create a world map (without pointers) provided I put the widget details ([widgetkit id="63" name=" World MAP"] in the main text box rather than the teaser text box.

I would be grateful for instructions to create a ZOO item world map with the 160 pointers that automatically use the address information from the map field in the 160 Zoo items and clicking each pointer reveals the rest of the Zoo item data or opens the relevant Zoo Item.

I'm sure this must be really obvious but every combination I've tried has been either unsuccessful (blank) or in some combinations has result of no pointers and an error message of 'Google Geocoding API error: You are over your quota'.

This world map and pointers was working well under Widgetkit 1. I'd welcome urgent advice on making it work with Widgetkit 2 as it is holding up deployment of the website.

Many thanks in advance,

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  • ZOO
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1 Answer


Avatar adam.bako2 answered

hi.. did you find the solution? i cant get this work in widgetkit2 as well.. nowhere to set my map field from zoo to widgetkit.. i put it in the "content",, media.. even create new "map" field in zoo connector but nothing shows on map..

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