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Avatar sascha Yootheme asked

Wish list for Warp8

Hi guys and gals,

It's Warp time again! The whole team is working on our next generation theme framework :-)

Over the last year we gathered all your feedback and took everything in consideration on how we can improve our themes. So we started 6 month ago to bring all these ideas together and to design the new framework architecture. Right now, we are already in the middle of implementing all the new features.

Now it's the perfect time for you to give us more feedback. Which end-user features would you love to see in Warp 8? How can we improve the theme usability? What's on your wish list from a developer point of view?

Thank you and happy holidays!

Update: Thanks for all the feedback!

Here is a list of all features you suggested:

Mentioned very often

  • Simpler customizer (Faster to find stuff, better global variables)
  • Mega menus
  • Warp 7 compatibility (Update older themes)
  • Favicon picker (Update proof)
  • 1-Click updates

Mentioned often

  • Easier customizations (Update proof, lesser use of FTP)
  • Faster, better performance + compression
  • Configurable header layout (Options for Logo, Navbar)
  • Open Graph / Rich Snippets
  • Page Builder (Easier layouting without coding)

Mentioned several times

  • Better theme admin translation
  • Better white labeling themes
  • Different article layouts out of the box
  • Social sharing buttons (Enable one by one and for each article)
  • Sidebar menus with flyouts
  • More general theme options which are the same from theme to theme
  • Easier integration of custom fonts
  • Cookie info
  • Google font subsets (greek,cyrilic etc)

Mentioned at least once

  • More social profile icons
  • Better documentation
  • PHP 7 compatiblitity
  • Lazy loading images
  • 404 page with header and footer
  • Make update notifications available in the Joomla updater (not just when you go to the theme)
  • More layout options (Fullscreen, Wrapped)
  • Option for text instead of hamburger menu
  • More Show/Hide options for Wordpress (like Joomla)

and much more...

  • Feature Request


131 Answers


Avatar jettero answered

Hi Sascha and the YooTeam,

Here's my wishlist:

  1. Mega Menu - Guys...I'm sorry but you're way behind the curve with this one and I've seen SO many people here over the years begging for a better, more flexible menu system. Please please PLEASE put this at the top of the list!

  2. Customizer Rebuild - The current customizer is incredibly slow and way too limited in what you can change. The preview mode is ok but honestly, I would rather lose the preview in exchange for a more robust, well laid out, tabbed/menu organized format with "layman's" descriptions for each item so we can quickly find basic changes, then maybe an advanced section for the more esoteric options.

I had about 5 more items in my wishlist but removed them since I personally think the above 2 are the most critical by far. I also like the request from jhowans for better whitelabel options.

Happy holidays and all the best in 2016!


Avatar pascal.netenvie answered

Hi Sascha,

My wishlist :

  • A simpler and better customizer (with CSS/LESS involved). This one is too complex and it is too hard to find what we want to change :/ .
  • Auto update process (with pre-update tests).
  • Keep compatibility with Warp 7. Please DO NOT redo everything. It is lot of time if we have to relearn and redo everything each time.
  • Please : Make Master Template first !!!!!!
  • Update some of old templates to last warp version.
  • A bit more flexible menu system (look at mega menu).
  • Optimize image caching system : Have an option to say template, ZOO or WK to NOT rename or re-optimize images. We take long time to make images perfect (size and name) and then your caching system rename it and make it heavier :( :( . Please help ! -- Edit : Solved in some WK 2 widgets. --
  • Make templates, ZOO and WK optimized as much as possible with JCH and JOT that are really a must have today to optimize Joomla site performance.
  • Possibility to have 2 or 3 configurable dropdown menus (We have one for navbar but we could need one for top and/or bottom).
  • 2 or 3 article templates to have choice out the box.
  • Auto add a "blank" class to module div for modules set to blank style in template configuration (it is so simple but could help a lot, asked at warp 7 release).
  • A bit more social options : Please add Pinterest and Linkedin at minima (already asked for Warp 7). -- And an option to enable social network one by one. Now it is all or nothing and it weight a lot. -- And open graph for it ...
  • Standard Backend language file to allow translations (like all standard Joomla extensions, asked for more than 3 years).
  • More extensive and complete documentation.

Eventually but i know it's more something for JCH or plugins like this :
Google analytics js integration (with autoupdate) for better compression and google pagespeed score.
Images auto optimization like kraken or optimizilla.

Update on 25 march 2016 :

PHP 7 compatibility is very important as Joomla 3.5 run really fast with it !!
OK i say it again : PHP 7 compatibility is a must have NOW !
Work on a mobile version using AMP !!

Cheers :)



Avatar anna.robinson answered

Hi Yootheme team, Thank you :-)

  • Easier procedure for upgrading template/warp. Preferably a one-click update from Joomla Admin (+ protection for custom styles and custom.css and other overrides if possible when updating).

  • Warnings/notifications when things change in a new version in a way that we have to change our custom files. Clearly listed changes in change logs or similar.

  • Possibility to subscribe to upgrade notifications (email, sms when there are new versions available).

  • Open graph and rich snippets



Avatar bigjens answered

I would like to see Warp 8 for existing templates, not just for new ones.


Avatar akcreation answered

Hi Yootheme, here is what I would like to see in Warp 8:

1 - Without a doubt, a proper MEGA MENU. The current menu module just isn't flexible enough, is too difficult to customise and just needs to be improved all round. I would love the flexibility to make the menu full width if I wanted it (like the data-uk-dropdown="{justify:'#ID'}" attribute in uikit), and then to be able to decide how many columns to split the menu links into. Currently you only have the option to change the width in pixels, but this needs to be fluid (in %) rather than static pixel widths. It would be good to then have the ability to choose if you want it to be 'fly-out' or not - and also very importantly for you to have the ability to decide if the next level menu items show on hover (by fly out) or if they are visible all the time. Currently the menu only allows to show level 1 by fly out but quite often I have level 2, level 3 items that need the same. Basically, if you could bring more of the flexibility of uikit to the warp 8 menu module, then that would be a massive step forward for what I see as the weakest part on the framework currently.

2 - FLEXBILE OPTIONS FOR THE LOGO / MENU HEADERBAR AREA. I really like the extra flexible options you added with Gusto template - being able to have different logo positions on each template would be a big time saver over having to go in and customise the theme.php file each time I want to move around the logo and main menu on a desktop. The ability to make the headerbar 'sticky' on every template. Also the ability to have a sticky footer would be a nice idea (although not as important as the header)

3 - UPDATING THE FRAMEWORK AND TEMPLATE. In this day and age we really need the ability for a 1-click update that works for both, the current process of downloading a template, taking bits out of it and uploading it via FTP into certain folders, and not knowing if it will work correctly or not, is just such a dated feeling process. Now that we can update widgetkit and zoo with 1 click, it is time we should be able to do this with Warp AND the template versions

4 - THE ABILITY TO MIGRATE FROM WARP 7 TO WARP 8 EASILY. When we moved from Warp 6 to 7 it basically felt like I was shutting off all of my warp 6 websites. It would be great if any existing warp 7 templates could easily be updated to the new framework version.


6 - MORE RESPONSIVE CONTROL OVER THE SIDEBARS. Rather than only being able to control the width of a sidebar on a desktop, with the width then changing to 100% on a small screen, it would be better if we could have control of the sidebar width in ALL responsive sizes (small, medium, large, xlarge). I often find that with warp 7 the sidebars look good on a desktop and a phone, but then are too thin on a tablet and the content looks too crushed. So it would be good to have the option to decide on a width for tablets OR to have the option to stack on a tablet etc.

7 - THE ABILITY TO RENAME THE TEMPLATE. It would be great if you could easily rename the template from 'yoo_template' to your own custom name easily via the Warp 8 framework (in the same way you can easily name your own style). I don't like for customers to be able to see I have used a purchased template when they are in essence paying us a lot of money to develop a custom website for them :) I know that this can be done manually before installing the template but it then makes the update process fail, so having an easy way to update the template name and keep the updates working too would be an excellent feature for warp 8.

I think that's it for now. Am really looking forward to Warp 8, I have loved using Warp 7, but I feel it does not have the capability to use the incredible uikit to it's full, so having Warp 8 embrace this fully would make the framework an absolute joy to use.

Thanks for all your hard work guys :)




Avatar sandstorm871 answered

I really think the emphasis should be on clutter free, helping with speed, compression, etc, yet retaining the great ideas that have come with Warp 7 - Customizer, Modules management, layout management, have all been great.

It would be nice to see additions like;

  • Favicon override from within template settings
  • Option to have Warp, UiKit, Google Fonts, etc fed from a CDN
  • An option to have a Mega (style) Menu or similar or better ;)
  • A better way of caching files/images within Zoo, WK , Template.
  • Fully compatible with PHP7
  • Speed improvements


Great to see all this was listened to for YooTheme Pro - Sarcastic



Avatar adrianmelia answered

Easy, quick and substantial configuration of the header area, so we can easily change these characteristics without trawling through css files:

Logo left or right;
Logo height
Logo width.




Avatar robert.klaassens answered

We like to see what they call a mega-menu. A drop down that is more configurable than now and for instance has the same width as the navigation bar.


Avatar bigjens answered

Here are my wishes for Warp 8

  • make Warp 8 compatible with Warp 7, I don't want to start from scratch or be stuck on the older themes like it happened before with Widgetkit
  • the Customizer is not usable at the moment. Nobody seems to find that piece of code or color he wants to change. I'd rather use a text editor instead. so doe a lot too I think.
  • the menus especially the side menus are pretty poor and the styling was always a pain in the neck. Have you ever checked the 3rd level of a menu?
  • I'd like to use Warp 8 styles / UIkit in the backend too
  • I'd love to see a Yootheme admin template (based on Warp8?)



Avatar globalawakening answered

First, please don't try to copy Rockettheme, ElegantTheme Divi, or anyone else. Many of us developers are getting turned off from them because of things like code bloat, non-standard frameworks that don't gel with the native WordPress or Joomla codebase, etc. And then there's Divi, where every page ends up populated with shortcodes, which means you can never stop using Divi. Not cool.

I do not care about a drag-and-drop builder. I want control, stability, ease of updating, and speed.

Like others have said, I would like to see some updates to the customizer. I often lose customizations when I or one of my clients updates the theme framework. I'd like to see that solved preferably using established CMS parameters like child theming. Also would like the ability to edit more of the CSS rules in the theme via the customizer.

It'd be sweet to be able to completely disable the customizer as well

An easy to use upgrade path for old versions of Warp.

More creative use of ZOO, unless you're going to phase out ZOO.

More UIKit!


Avatar marco773 answered

We wish an open graph integration and applinks compatibility.

A better css and js compression.

thank you.


Avatar mikezf answered

Hi Sascha and the whole Yootheme Staff,
I would like that every next Theme could implement all the new features and functions of previous one,
so the user could choose which one to use. Eq. tags names and tags colors in article, menu or tabs, different type of menus (fix, vertical),
new special effects of widgets in widgets and not in theme.
A new configuration editor/viewer feature that show a CSS/LESS declaration of the location you click on. Instead of guessing which one
of the thousand variables it is.

And best wishes for your work and incomming Christmas days as well.



Avatar studiograficod2 answered

  • Possibility to "duplicate" template and work with joomla standard menu assignment...so don't use the menu assignment inside "warp" but the standard way!
  • Possibility to override favicons putting file into custom style directory: https://yootheme.com/support/question/1128

Avatar jgowans answered

Thanks for the opportunity to present thoughts on this. Both the themes and WK have really improved significantly, which is awesome. In addition to the points above re: menu and customizer, I'd add:

1) Better support for white-labeling themes
2) Ability to remotely upgrade to latest version
3) no Warp versions... sorry, it would be really quite awesome to be able to upgrade warp to the new features without having to adopt a new theme. I understand that that isn't easy, however from a client management standpoint, it would be quite nice.

I for one would pay more for improvements such as these. :D




Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi Sascha,

I would love

  • no favicon override
  • 1-click updates
  • enable social share buttons per article
  • EU cookie info though the theme doesn't set any cookies

Furthermore, but probably not addressed by Warp,

  • Widgetkit content field to show Joomla / ZOO tags as badges
  • Start publishing date and Finish publishing date as sorting options for Widgetkit

Looking forward to Warp8!! Thanks and have nice holidays



Avatar r.smith answered

Customizer: An "APPLY" button. (...that allows me to Apply changes, but stay where I'm at in the Customizer without leaving.)
It's far too time-consuming to Exit Customizer, Check to see if the changes are what I want, Then return to find the place I want to be in the Customizer to continue trying to edit.

The "APPLY" button is far-and-away my most desired improvement.

Additionally, I agree with other posts that, while the Customizer is a very, very wonderful tool in theory (and much credit to creating it!), it needs to be more understandable. Better labels are perhaps needed? I find myself frequently guessing at what I'm actually changing.

And at the risk of repeating myself, the Customizer's Preview might be rendered almost unnecessary if we could just have an "APPLY" button in the Customizer.

Just in case there's confusion, I'll explain: I would like to be able to click "APPLY" in the Customizer > Stay where I'm at in the Customizer without even needing to scroll back to my position in the Customizer > Check my website in another Browser Tab or another Browser > Return my eyes to the Customizer for additional editing.

Thank you for considering.
Best Regards.


Avatar spoton.marketing answered


better 404 pages.
If a visiter get a 404 they should still see the header and footer...


Avatar david.henry answered

the customizer is unwieldy, we usually take it so far then revert to custom css.

The menu needs options for fly outs and not just straight lists.

Open graph and rich snippets would be great.


Avatar brandon.scivolette answered

Personally, I've found the stylizing component to be tough to use. It's incredibly difficult to associate the style shown in the left panel with what I actually want to change. There are just so many categories and, often times, I find myself searching for a long period of time before I find the right one. As Michael Frelek suggested, it would be SO much easier if we could select the item we are trying to modify from the preview panel and, on selection, the appropriate style(s) would populate in the left panel. That would eliminate the search for the appropriate style.


Avatar viktor.horst.17 answered

Thanks for the opportunity to present thoughts on this.

  • Easier procedure for upgrading template/warp. Preferably a one-click update from Joomla Backend
  • Favicon customization that doesn't get overwritten on template upgrades
  • Warp 8 compatible with Warp 7
  • Different article templates to choose from
  • More and better documentation (more examples with images)

Greetings Viktor


Avatar babsy answered

Hello YOOtheme,
great news the warp 8
I give you my wish list :-D

  • LOGO POSITION: left right center
  • MENU POSITION:left right center
  • MODULE POSITION main center
  • IMAGE POSITION and SIZE in category list left right top
  • FONT SIZE and color adjustments
  • UPDATE one-click update from Joomla Backend
  • WIDGETKIT access level for frontend edit
  • YOUTUBE user or palylist viewer in widgetkit or module
  • OFFCANVAS choose for menu, example I have an offcanvas module that I can call from menu (not for responsive)
  • CONTACT PAGE FORM POSITION top bottom or center
  • CUSTOMIZER for category blog
  • CUSTOMIZER for article
  • CUSTOMIZER for block and panels
  • CUSTOMIZER for modules
  • CUSTOMIZER for responsive
  • CISTOMIZING less clicks less localizations
  • PERFORMANCE lighter CSS/ JS more SEO & Performance friendly.
  • JAVASCRIPT examples options
  • SIMPLE E-COMMERCE cart module
  • K2 COMPATIBILITY for front editing and theme

great team have a nice work and happy Holidays



Avatar martin.t answered

well a lot of good ideas from the posts above.
I'm sorry but I have no time for my list now.
but one thing.
I'm tired of searching for solutions of tasks that Yootheme has already solved.
STOP STOP STOP croping features from one theme to the other.
Simply leave useful features in EVERY theme. Every theme can have a sticky nav or any theme can have a centered logo. let the customer decide.. you give choices and set one as the demo...but let the customer decide.
Also any theme should have the options to choose where the offcanvas resides...
I could go on and on and on.
If you add a new feature, put it in the next themes as well.
this would make it easier to work with and choose a theme not only based on th design or the features itself.
havent you noticed that the same questions get asked every new theme. hot make sticky nav in X like in Y?.....
You dont know how the customer / developer uses the theme so why croping features?

Another important thing is to make it more flexible in warp 8 to simply set /add new layout positions, order them and set the layout and responsiveness. and with any I mean any. for insance these features are useful for toolbar too, or footer, or whatver. The customer should decide.

updating themes is currently bad.....very bad. let dev create a folder or structure where all overrides/styles/less/js can be stored in and nothing gets overwritten ever. finally make a changelog that is worth its name. what for do I need to overwrite the whole theme if one css line was changed in one file? this would help the developer to see what really has changed and compare it to the custom code. diffs is the magic word.
also if I delete the demo styles...I dont want them and they should not be updated again. A checkbox for delete&never update styles.

customizer: save should not close it. we need a save & close too.
the live preview is useless in my opinion. have an option to disable it and gain space for the important things since probably many people simply use another tab or window to see the result.
the grouping is chaos. we need more logic.
advanced view as always on feature or get rid of basic view totally.
let the people set the style that is loaded directly. tired switching from defualt o my style. for the final customer the default is its own style not the yootheme default.

percentage of sidebar width. again let the developer decide. literally no limitation. 0%-infinite . you dont know what the customer wants to do. no need to patronize.

thanks and keep the good work going.



Avatar guerton.christophe.11 answered

To customize the color of a template, so it would be nice to do a find / replace a color in all css once


Avatar jeff.honeyager.77 answered

The Customizer is good in concept.

There are sooo many options when changing the styles it gets almost meaningless. In this sense. We have to know ahead of time what they all mean and where their apply. It is little difference than editing the css directly.

Without documentation or a good tool tip it takes hours to poke and test them.

Suggestions for the customizer
1) give us a meaning tool tip for the style options (right hand column). Not just a restatement of the label.
2) even better - on the display area have the user move the mouse to an area on the screen, then with a right-click pop up a menu: name of style element, or go to the style element, or edit the style element right there.

This would be huge.


Avatar mariolgr answered

Please: Smart Update for Theme with Warp 8.


Avatar i2creative answered

Hi Yootheme,

I do like your framework, although these are the things I end up doing:

Module Positions - Make it easier to add module positions. Some click and scroll websites need more module positions, and an easier way add more would be welcome.

Mega Menu - Have to use plugins for megamenus like Joomlaux. Also have to modify module position to make that work.

Fonts - Integrating custom bought fonts is pretty painful to add.

Optimiser - Currently use JCH optimiser as it gives more flexibility than the theme compression. Would be great not to have to use it.

Favicon - Simple upload section for favicon.

Logo positions and headers - Left, Right and Center positions for logos, and more options for details in header such as contact phone.

Update notifications - When Warp, template, widgetkit or zoo upgrades are available, make them visible under the joomla updater. Currently only see when you go into the theme.

Keep up the good work!


Avatar drjonz answered

Out of the box GTMetrix score of 98 or better would be nice.


Avatar jba1969 answered

  1. Metadata should be easier to maintain -> with helping features in ZOO like YOAST do on wordpress) - or is this more a zoo feature?

And of course all the important things described above:

  • 1-click update without overwriting favicon
  • Mega-Menu options and more than 3 levels (better 4-5)
  • Better handling of Customizer (Mouse-over to show relevant settings on website preview?)
  • social buttons as asynchronous and choosable per article (expand to xing, linkedin and pinterest)
  • social buttons as fixed position or as sliding by scrolling or fixing an left/right side of browser window
  • if using several templates on one website, menu-icons should be defined regardless of used template

Avatar chris.moggia answered

I'll add these two small suggestions to the list of awesome ideas already contributed:

Please add a single page-wide module at the top of every page (e.g. a utility or "we use cookies" area for system messages). This would be on top of the logo/header fields for NANO3, for example.

Second, give the same functionality to the breadcrumbs, logo, and other modules that the sidebar/bottom/top now have (e.g. specifically, the ability to turn on and off for phone/tablet/pc or to stack or parallel, or add an alert to).




Let's merge Zoo and UIKIT and develop a "layout generator" Zoo is a great way to create a database for a non-sql person. But the lack of control over layout options (here's a little secret - those apps are just different layout styles) means that I have to do a lot of coding to get what I want from a layout perspective.

If you want an example, check out offlajn's Improved Login and Register. They have a drag and drop layout editor for designing the registration module. Its very simple to use. I would suggest we "borrow" some of those design elements and create a true "Zoo Layout Customizer/Builder".

I'd also like an editor that has UIKIT snippets built in (so you could easily grab a template for columns or tabs).



Avatar geeksonthebeach answered

  • +1 Simpler template customization (possibly on click or hover of preview)
  • favicon customization that doesn't get overwritten on template upgrades
  • watchful.li support for remote updates
  • +1 simple white labelling themes

Avatar kurt.dorne answered

Easier customizations or built in, upgrade proof, customisation.
Right now I need to create folders and files with my own code, referencing the theme files. This should be easy : create new style button -> all folders etc are created. Some things are still not possible without editing the theme files, extra theme settings for instance, we need to edit the xml file, when upgrading this is overwritten.
Customizer needs a way to click an item and see all settings for that element. Kinda like a filter for all those settings but instead of a text field you click an element on the page.


Avatar messagedj answered

  • easier warp upgrading (especially from 7 to 8)
  • easier use of UIKIT from the editor. My clients often ask me to fix simple UIKIT styles, they don't understand Coding
  • Mega Menu
  • no ftp uploading anymore of customizations
  • more and nicer social integration (looks like 2005 now) take a look at JoomShareBar Pro

Avatar agustin.ribas.cardona answered

Hi Yootheme.

Add article ordering filed at ordering options.

Add more options at the article filter:
a list of concrete articles (by article id for example), not only by category or featured.
Tags filter combined with categories.


Avatar michael.jarosz answered

Please could you add a Cookie consent module to Warp 8?
We are all supposed to comply with this in Europe and it would be great to have one available for all your templates, done with the inimitable Yootheme style!


Avatar geeksonthebeach answered

These are beautiful...

  • Lazy loading images
  • 404 page with header and footer
  • Make update notifications available in the Joomla updater (not just when you go to the theme)
  • More layout options (Fullscreen, Wrapped)
  • Option for text instead of hamburger menu

Avatar john.hubickey answered

This is just ONE idea. Will post others separately to keep it simple.

Some of this has already sort of been posted and I will up vote them, but I have similar ideas with more specific or completely different suggestions for solutions. Most of this involves Uikit, so not sure it's appropriate for Warp8 features.

Customizer Improvements and Simplification (simplify WITHOUT removing existing features)

  1. Customizer Search and/or highlighting in preview. For example: when you select something on the left panel, the corresponding items are highlighted in the preview. This would be an "option" or checkbox either for the entire customizer (Show Advanced) or option for each section (more|less) expansion option.

  2. A possibly simpler and more effective solution for customizer filtering would be a search field (or drop down with common choices) that would only display matches and "hide" other items in the customizer panel display reducing the visual complexity. For example: type "Nav" in the filter and ONLY sections or items that match "nav" would be displayed. Yes this could be problematic as there are "nav" items within unrelated sections. Maybe an option to "show all matching" or only show "Related top level matches".

  3. Another variation of this would be to change how things are organized in the left panel. Possibly allowing sorting and display based on criteria or keyword searches similar to 1a above. For example: A group JUST FOR THE HEADER AND MAIN NAVIGATION. Another group just for MODULES. A group for all HEADERS. The styles for the header, main navigation and sub dropdown styles are scattered through a bunch of different sections. Some are "miles apart", like "theme navbar" at the top and "navbar" way down at the bottom. So much scrolling up and down to modify styles that effect the EXACT SAME THING. By organizing groups this way finding them and editing them all in ONE PLACE within the customizer left panel would be much easier. The items in the customizer aren't always grouped or organized by where they are in the template layout. Changes that effect the exact same area can be all over the place.

One key example of this is a modification I have done a bazillion times with Yootheme templates. Almost universally in our use of YT templates the spacing and padding of the header and main navigation is WAY TOO MUCH. Have even one or two additional main menu items breaks the layout responsive adjustments completely.
Changing the spacing for the "fixed" navigation requires changes up and down the customizer sidebar panel. And often I forget which items to change in a huge list under the navbar.

Having header and main navigation under one grouping for EVERYTHING that can be modified in that area would make it a piece of cake to quickly change the spacing and padding. I need to change the height of the global header area, as well as the nav height, the nav line spacing, the height of the "Theme Navbar" and I think a few other places... OH YES! I have to change the "nav small height" when the fixed header "shrinks" vertically during scrolling. All of these values currently are scattered through out various sections of the customizer.

The structure and layout of the template html doesn't need to change, simply move or group related structural areas more LOGICALLY based on the TOP DOWN layout of the template. It is not logical to have navbar height and toolbar padding in two completely different separate groups.



Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

Please, let the customer choose on which pages the Social Buttons should appear. Since Joomla is long time away from a blogging system and more a CMS for all kind of content and services the reason you limited it makes no sense anymore.
It remembers me of a situation when i was with a girlfriend in "Barcomis". I ask the waiter for the WIFI password and to my surprise, he told me that they don't provide WIFI because the owner wanted that people talk to each other. Well that's what i wanted to do with my girlfriend by using my iPad to translate online, because she didn't speak german and i didn't speak polish.


Avatar carl.parker answered

Lots of good comments on here. My .02..

1) Better menu customization (appearance, behavior, location, etc.)

2) Certain key settings like page fonts, critical colors should be pulled out of customizer which only applied to the specific created styles.

3) Faster loading, esp. on WK stuff.

4) One click WARP platform upgrading.



Avatar daniel.mcdonald answered

Hi, thanks alot.

The one and only wish i've got is about PERFORMANCE.
If there could be a wrap/ js / css loader only for used elements, it would be awesome.

Please make CSS/ JS more SEO & Performance friendly.

If you use Template and Widgetkit it loads twice Uikit JS and the other one. Can't remember. But this is really terrible.
Just found Article to this Topic: https://yootheme.com/support/question/87820



Avatar niall.sheehan answered

FWIW It is quite easy to embed MagaMenu in to yootheme with a few modifications, personally I'd like YooTheme to continue to build on UIKit but focused on a smaller foot print rather than adding more to the template which should be added with a plugin.

  1. The Customizer is useful for getting things 75-80% of the way but lacks the granularity to manage all the styles for the template.
  2. I find it annoying and a little ignorant on the part of YT to replace the custom.css during and upgrade. Same with favicon, and a few other files that have most likely been modified and are identified by the template as changed under File Verification. IF a proper upgrade was done from within Joomla, these files could be left as is if the user decides to leave them (A check box).
  3. Better SUPPORT. The Sun theme's weather feature, why not publish what changes are needed to implement the simpleweather.js script and the few other tweaks anyone can do, but will waste hours solving? There are many instances of 'features' specific to a template that would be very easy to port if documentation was provided.

Good luck!


Avatar alberto.dessi answered

I would like to have old templates with Warp 8 !!


Avatar ericb answered

My use is mostly in WordPress, so the widget management aspect of Warp is especially important to me.

I would like to see improved / more comprehensive management for selecting pages/taxonomies for displaying widgets. One of my biggest issues is on large/complex sites with lots of nested pages/content/taxonomies. Sometimes finding the correct item is difficult in the list, especially if there are multiple pages with the same name in different areas of the page hierarchy.


Avatar peter.leslie answered

Hi Yootheme

most of what i want has already been asked for, but my biggest issue is the Customiser, and mainly because of the language used to identify the thinks you want to change.... you have multiple areas called NAV and NAVBar - rather than language everyday humans can understand like MAIN MENU, DROP DOWN MENUS, for sections, also individual items - more user friendly english, and more options, many times it still have to edit custom CSS to get results needed, everything should be available in the Customiser with clear headings, that a child could understand



Avatar joshgilson answered

Hey Yoo Guys! (Goonies Reference)
First off, thanks for everything. I work with a couple other designers and we build a lot of site's using warp and other yootheme products. This is our little wishlist:

  1. Customizer: A better/easier search functionality for classes/options. For example, finding the drop-down menu background outline color is not easy.
  2. Layouts: A better visual in the back-end on what it looks like or could,look like. We're constantly referencing to the theme demo.
  3. Updates: Integrate warp framework & theme in Joomla updates like WIdgetkit and Zoo have.
  4. Overrides: Making a better way to use and understand how to override files, images, css without an update breaking it.
  5. SEO: Opengraph for Facebook and other platforms
  6. WARP 8: Please update older themes to work with Warp 8!
  7. Options: We want more! Sidebars, let me choose specific percentages. Block appearances, make this more intuitive and better. Help icons, put them everywhere, we need help.
  8. Speaking of Help: YooTheme needs more, better, faster support. We would gladly pay double for overall better support options and/or faster response times. I still have unanswered questions.




Avatar robert.sari answered

Hi Sascha,

thank you for creating such a wonderful product, that I really love and use everyday!

My wishes for the next generation of Warp are:

1. better, more detailed Documentation!

2. better / quicker support. Currently, it's a game of luck if one ever get's an answer…

3. Out-of-the-box, easy Custom Post Type support / Custom Fields support for Wordpress (a MUST-HAVE)

  1. For additional functionality, I totally trust your expertise

Again, you have created a really exciting product that has changed the way I look at Wordpress an I really do appreciate its features. The only weakness is in the aftersales area ;-)

Merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you!




Avatar msc44 answered

Better support for the logo in size and position.

The customers place great value on corporate design and want to show their logo in a certain size. Several templates supported unfortunately only a very unfavorable size (Logo too small). With HTML Customizing or CSS tricks to get the true way, but support from the Framework will make things easier.


Avatar geeksonthebeach answered

Option to display the Toolbar-L and Toolbar-R positions in Mobile Views.

We typically use that position for important contact info and it's still needed in Mobile.


  • When you customize a widget for a template/them. Include it in all future themes, so that another template does not need to be installed just for a single widget.
  • Have a character count tool for meta description fields



Avatar agustin.ribas.cardona answered

the possibility to decide hoy many modules per row like in widgekit.
Not only stack on phones or <= tablets, the possibility to say on phones max=1,
on tablets max = 2
the same sizes as in uikit

example I have 4 modules at top A

in large screens i would have 1 row.
in tablets 2 rows of 2
and in mobile 4 rows of 1

now we haven't intermediate points, only the sice than passes fto stacked.



Avatar daniel.mcdonald answered

Speaking of SEO:


Please make (Responsive-) Menu not Hide and Show.
Please make it transform so that Page contains not so much Link (in Code hidden because of responsive Menu are exactly same Links as in Main Menu).
SEO Tools alert that there are to much identical Links on Each Page. Page Quality goes down.
This is nearly located to all your Templates.

Not good. For me it would be a argument to change Template in near future.


Avatar marco.calcanti.15 answered

As a new standard mobile pages (AMP) I would like a way to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages


Avatar jodee.peevor answered

JCE in widgets and Facebook widgets (e.g. feed like instagram and twitter) please

thanks jodee


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

Something you ignored since years.

Please provide a position for the "Language switcher" in your themes. Special since Joomla is by default multi lingual and all kind of sites like Hotel, Shops, Blogs are presented multi lingual.

Regards, Michael tucfoto


Avatar action.hosting answered

Yoo team:

Please consider the following as part of warp8 core functions:

1) AMP HTML support with the ability to select which page/post can be publish as AMP and like offcanvan add similar for AMP
2) Once CSS is minify add it as inline vs a link in order to improve performance
3) Consider updateing the optimization code (minify, data uri and compression) to work with say nginx and other caching systems
4) Add a caching purge function to clean up the files in both theme and widgetkit cache folders
5) Add a checksum recalculation option or on update do not update the checksum file
6) Create a branding folder and or system
7) I do not want to reference other similar frameworks but consider performance and optimization and more bootstrapping / dynamic loading ie please focus on performance as warp7 is already great optimized it and add forward looking advance functions as if a site looks create but fails seo testing tools it is an issue - then add functions

Thanks for any consideration


Avatar schmallegger answered

look forward to the new develpment.
as some notes before, i would als prefer a lighter framework and - if even necessary a different customizer. the current one is great in functions (i wished i could develop something near to it...) but its also pretty much useless, since i found myself more and more often to use the custom.css and override the customizer. that way is still much easier and more flexible, and I acutally find what I should change...


Avatar stephan.herby answered

Hi Yootheme team, and thanks for answering our feedback :-)
I absolutely agree with people here asking for a "mega menu" or something more customizable at least...
This is THE big thing I'm expecting from Warp 8...
But for all your works (Uikit, Warp and Widgetkit) thanks a lot ! Working with Yoo is a BIG pleasure :)


Avatar aytech.gmbh.und.co.system answered

it would be great to have possibility to use the extended features from within the editor without the need to do it in html mode.

For me it is easy to do the tasks in html mode but often my customer wants to use the rich features example: icons in lists
It is hard to tell a html novice how to implement the feature.
The Customers would like to use the features right out of the editor.
Is it not possible to put a plugin into the editor which extends the editor to make the benefits usable a easy way.
It could also be a separate editor from yootheme.

Also it would be great not to have replaced the favicon after each update of my yootheme templates.

Best wishes for the next release of warp.


Avatar genr8r answered

Provide a migration path for older versions of WARP/Joomla so that yootheme customers are not forced to completely rebuild sites(templates) to keep up with the latest versions of Joomla. Will sites built in WARP6 and WARP7 templates be compatible with Joomla4?


Avatar rrm1 answered

Its nice to have new features but feel that Zoo and your template styles are being neglected.


Avatar majid.yousefi answered

Hi Sascha

Here is my Wishlist for the next Warp - * Ability to change color of used icon for menu items , separate from Menu test - *Fix background image for all released themes (with ability to browse for image or insert image path , no use of style class) - *easier update process




Avatar martinahovi answered

Hi there, and thanks for asking,

apart from all the style whishes of my collagues, my wishes for warp8 and widgetkit would be a

  • lean data-transfer,
  • better onload-times,
  • better redering for google bots (widgetkit still is a problem)
  • and a better responsive behavouir of the sites. The magnifyer for search often is a problem, it breaks into a second row and that certainly is not attractive.

Again, thanks for asking and I definitely look forward to the next level of warp,


Avatar patrick.faasse.70 answered

Hi Sascha,

I would like to see a backup or fail-safe for template parameters (like menu icons, subtitles and other settings).

On some occasions (including just now in the Master template) I have lost all template parameters when a save failed. In almost all of these situations I have not narrowed down the exact issue. Usually an upgrade or re-install of the template allows me to save the template again but all previous settings have been lost. (not my overrides of course). I than have to re-set all these options.

I dread this happening to some icon and subtitle rich websites I manage ..... so PLEASE, add a back-up before save or allow some kind of versioning if a save template fails.

Thanks for your time!




Avatar finanztreff answered

Hi YOOteam,

as I've already suggested in a different "wishlist" thread:
1. Load UIkit's JS/CSS/FONTS files via JSDELIVR.COM, load jQuery directly from Google CDN (or alternatives)
2. One-click updates for WARP and Theme would be great (as my "Modified Files" list gets longer and longer with each Warp/Theme update without that I've ever actually touched or modified them)




Avatar kelly.mcclain answered

Thanks for asking!

I'd like to see the favicon and apple touch icon assigned in the template manager.


Avatar wendy.dypolt answered

Would like to see more features focusing on the Mobile experience.

• Ability to switch out the Hamburger menu for text only, or both text and icon. Proven that most users don't know what that icon is still.
• Ability to place a header/menu at the bottom of the page when on a mobile device without using custom CSS
• Would love to see the ability to side scroll pages without using a widget. This might be totally out as a Joomla! thing, but would be nice still.


Avatar nemanja Support answered


1) I think animated charts options

2) easy way to add subsets to google fonts ,greek,cyrilic etc

3) add greek language to warp framework that i added on github :)

4) visibility options in wordpress to have more extensive options like joomla allows you to show something on all pages exept selected etc

5) more font icons if possibleor the ability to add custom icons somewhere in svg and them being embeded in the theme

6) once a custom style is created generate empty custom.css file so it can be edit from the backend of joomla or wordpress and as well from ftp

7) allow favicons to be selected from the backend for joomla and wordpress

8) allow first -doubled , last doubled maybe some more flexible way of presenting how many widgets/modules you want on a page

9) Better documentation i made this and i slowly upload my notes there for people to find



Avatar stephan.julien answered

Hi There,

Yeaaah, this is pretty exciting indeed.

Here is our wish list for Warp8

  • Show positions layout grid in front
  • Add Google material design web icons integration like the font-awesome icons
  • The ability to compile multiple less directories (in case i have multiple less theme customizations)
  • Affix top integration for inline blocks and footer
  • Having off-canvas menu like this one : http://mmenu.frebsite.nl/
  • Different article templates to choose from
  • More options to customize menu style
  • Animated webfont
  • Easy upgrade from Warp 7

Happy coding,
Thank you for considering


Avatar david.guadnola answered

I would rather pay yootheme for the membership that other add-on companies charge subscriptions for.... A media manager that can handle audio and video. Grid layouts, custom pages, vimeo, youtube and soundcloud intergration.

I currently use HWD Media Share, but I would rather spend my money here.

Please add features for video demos and audio demos.

Dave Steele


Avatar oguz.copel answered

Please concentrate and add more SEO related options. The most important thing of a website is the SEO especialy for Google.


Avatar majdy.massarweh answered

Yootheme Hi

1- please consider to make a possibility to change the layout and don't stick with your usual static layout, actually if you can make "drag and drop" layout builder.

2- Mega menu


Avatar soeren.pawlowski answered

A paid ticket system for better support. Sometimes is it very frustating.


Avatar ivan.petrovic answered

Hi Yootheme,

  1. option to choose the character sets for Google fonts
  2. mega menu
  3. Pull the favicon from somewhere else other than the main template folder and/or stop overwriting it. Make it configurable for location or automatically pulled from the custom style. (really frustrating)
  4. Easier access to uikit functions in an editor.css or maybe an editor.css customizer?



Avatar daniel.riefstahl answered

gener8r posted this:
"Provide a migration path for older versions of WARP/Joomla so that yootheme customers are not forced to completely rebuild sites(templates) to keep up with the latest versions of Joomla. Will sites built in WARP6 and WARP7 templates be compatible with Joomla4?"

I am feeling this too as a template developer. Our library will get smaller and smaller if support for new versions of Warp falls away. Currently we have about 10-15 Warp 6 options and 30+ Warp 7 options. If support for Joomla ends on the older frameworks, we will be forced to rebuild in the newest version. Thumbs up for easy upgrade from at least Warp 7. I understand if 6 doesn't make the cut, but 7 should for sure.

Mega menus. Like everyone else has said, they are lacking compared to others. I like the simple style of Yootheme, but that doesn't always work and at the very least should be able to have a 3 level drop down menu and the ability to place modules in the menu. I was able to do that on the SG framework we used before we started using Warp 6....

I agree support could step it up a bit. Sometimes very hard to find answers or get answers. As a developer I have to often solve my own problems by spending lots of time examining code when I should just be able to get a line number and file to edit.The developers of the framework know the code inside and out so it is a waste of time for me to have to dig through code.

Some standard for customizer layout/order. It is nice, but the advanced params section is sometimes in alpha order, other times not. Like you forgot to add something and stick it at the bottom. I most often just use a custom css file as its way faster for me to just add code when creating custom site on your framework than it is to find that specific element in the customizer.

Thanks so much for your work!



Avatar techcloudent answered

I'd like to see:

  • a streamlined customizer with better headings. The current customizer is a nightmare to use. Most of the time I just write CSS overrides rather than using it.

  • More themes like Uniq and Sun

  • More module positions or make it easier to add them to a theme.

  • The current "optimiser" needs more functionality and customisation options. See what JCH is doing, that's what I currently use.

Pretty happy with everything else. :)



Avatar patrick.chappuis answered

Hi Sascha,

Please make a better Customizer interface to help us to work quickly.

  • We just need a search engine for expressions in the left column of the customizer (eg : search @nav-offcanvas-color)
  • Please only one "(more) / (hide)" option for the entire column

It's heavy and slow to navigate in this column with Warp7. Because this column is different for each theme, we can't memorise there positions.

And again thank you to all those beautiful tools!



Avatar olomee answered

Small things to stop wasting time :

A joomla friendly language override (revise nn-NN.tpl_warp.ini to minimum)

For the themes in general : a joomla friendly blog/articles variables (being able to set in joomla backend and not having to hack template layouts)

One click JS custom file creation or by default (simplify and automate customization in general)

One click add module position OR :

Yeah a user friendly layout builder ?

Regarding customizer:
Instead of a long list with the site overall or additionally, will it be great to have small chunks of header / nav / pannels / color identity, etc ; with critical values and a preview of only this part ( = lighter/faster.. more work for you ;)

And maybe a visible view of style/layout/affectations = which menu get what (however might change with joomla!4...)

Good luck



Avatar swissa answered

Happy Christmas Yootheme Team,

Thanks for some great products over 2015 inc the updates to UIKit and for Widgetkit 2. Loving them both.

Won't go into the customizer - I just use custom.css or edit my own theme (which doesn't get overwritten). Much quicker etc but you need to know some coding etc.

What I would request is that within widgetkit we are able to use an editor. Would really help to style off some of the content and be easier to embed other widgetkits within a widget (love that). Lazy I know but hey, we're all looking to save time here and there.

One click updates for the templates and Warp would't go amiss but that's been said often above.

Good docs would help beginners and save support time - competitors do it well i.e. https://www.joomlart.com/documentation/joomla-templates/ja-platon

Trotzdem, really happy with Yootheme. Thanks



Avatar bernardo.sanchez.gutierrez answered

I would like for warp 8 this features:

1-Compatibility with big logos: in all templates. Easy logo integration for the template, doesn't matter if the logo is small or big.
2-Easy responsive customization: select what positions of the template we like to show in mobile devices, for example, show toolbar (left, right or both).
3-Better User Interface of customization for template: I would like the customizer, has a better User interface, with names of the positions, or module variations to change the color, font size, or whatever. Also the menú has a better user interface for customization; the offcanvas menú too.
4-Documentation for use the templates like demo content: because a lot of templates, we need only the slideshow, or the grid and not all the demo content.
5-Easy menu position: put the menu in another position like maintop, or top b for example.
6-Capability to create another position: in the customizer, create a new position for the template, for example, fullscreen above menu, or top-c position.


Avatar lidia.gonzalez answered


I think that the current Warp's version 7 is well done and works well. Much improved with the passage of time. For a new version 8, I think there are three basic things that can be improved:

  • Menú options (add more options)
  • Logo options (add more options)
  • Avoid the logo and menu remain on top of the other, especially if the logo is large (add with an height logo options)




Avatar geoffr answered

Warp 8 Template Module Styling - More Filters & Options?

Since Warp 7 moved the module class styling control to the template administration, it has become more difficult to target particular modules in large sites that have hundreds of modules, some with the same name.

Would you consider adding:
1) More filter options -- e.g. 'Status' to filter only published modules.
2) Ability to display the full name of the module (currently unnecessarily truncated).

Better still, also include the option to add the UIKIT styling at the module. This would allow more easy switching between warp templates.



Avatar geoffr answered

For Warp 8, when a template is updated, please check if a custom favicon is already in use and don't overwrite it.



Avatar martin.t answered

thanks for the rough summary. now that you start to have a feature list it is time for a poll.
"mentioned so many times" is not an indicator at all.


Avatar daniel.mcdonald answered

Another SEO & Performance Tipp:

Templates (Wrap etc.) loads fontawesome icons everywhere.
If there could be a Icon Set builder for loading only the Icons you'll need.
I saved over 60KB striping fontawesome away and creating a new fontawesome kit.
used this Site:
really awesome.


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Another function that I would think is really helpful:

Being able to add CSS or UIkit classes to layout positions, such as the sidebars, the navigation, the top and bottom position, the main positions, the header and the footer. (in addition to single modules as it is now)

This would be very helpful for customization, I think. As per now, I need to edit the source or use JavaScript to do stuuf like this. Please put it on the list! Thank you!



Avatar john.hubickey answered

Easier updating of customized templates.
Detailed change log for template updates that include file list and line numbers, a diff file.
A diff file would be awesome. Something that we can use to determine which files that we modified need to be updated or can be left as is.

Or maybe the solution is a better way to make these modifications to a template that are update proof but also can be updated without a ton of effort.

This involves mostly the Uikit less folder and all the files in it for me. I almost always make changes to Uikit files in the less folder. Often to save time I simply duplicate the LESS folder and rename it less-custom, change the config.php and "Bob's your uncle". I don't bother trying to do all the other file import and limiting that folder, I simply create duplicate LESS folder for the whole thing and mod as needed.

One of the major pains I go through is trying to "merge" my changes in an old template with changes from the update. So many times I run the update and all hell breaks loose. Then I have to go through and find which files changed in the update. There is no "list" of changed files and line numbers in the updates. Even with my limited skills I can create a list of differences for changes in two folders. Wouldn't it be simple enough to generate a more "thorough" change log for updates listing EVERY FILE CHANGED with line numbers? A diff file?


Avatar nico.van.der.neut answered

A hide/show toggle for each menu item X.

This will be very handy if you have many menu items that makes your dropdown menu too long.
By using other menu's in module position or links in articles referencing the invisible menu item X, all functionality sticked to menu item X (like: show module position only for menu-item X, or use different template layout for menu-item X) will still work.
Currently the Joomla! show N menu levels deep is not good enough as this is not selective enough.

Thanks for the good work!


Avatar dan.milligan answered

This sounds exciting indeed.... and some great ideas for Warp 8 Implementation were offered in the previous posts.
• The need for speed is crucial today as end-users just will not wait for slow load times etc. Warp 7 seemed to offer so much more than Warp6 while speeding things up. I look forward to more of the same with Warp 8
• I would like to see previous Warp 7 themes supported.
• We have been advised that Widgetkit 1 will be supported... but does this include through Warp 8 too?
• Customization (as you do with your themes each month) should be more easily done without having to dive into the themes themselves to see every nuance of how that is done. Perhaps some side notes with each Warp 8 theme presented and how it was in fact customized would be great.
• I too would like to see more documentation... this year I started using Affinity Photo and On1 Photo10 and both programs are as good in their field (Photographic Manipulation) as you at YooTheme are in yours. Their clientele, like yours here at Yoo, range from novice to very experienced. The difference I see, and others have commented above and in other threads, is that they are making the learning curve to use their programs a shorter one as they provide both written documentation in the form of downloadable manuals, but more importantly, brief screencasts and videos showing the nuts and bolts of their system (program). I believe Yoo would move light years ahead by offering an alternative to your solo probe and search method of learning you maintain here. Having taught for 30 years I know that students (and we are that) need to be offered more than one method of learning style, else the result is frustration and failure. I would hazard a guess that you would have fewer "stupid" questions being asked (yes, by me too!) over and over in this support section if you had a broader documentation section that included screencasts and videos. Retention and comprehension through visual learning is a far quicker and more proven method of learning than reading. Your [Tutorials] are a good start but I would really like to see you move towards the inclusion of more visual learning styles and starting with Warp 8 would be perfect!
• lastly, inasmuch as I am now learning and getting more comfortable with CSS and HTML I would like to be able to use something other than CodeMirror as my editor all the time... hopefully there is a solution to this in Warp 8



Avatar afterglowx answered

Mega Menu (allow pictures in drop downs in a simple way). More Menu appearance customization options.


Avatar cornelius.fichtner answered

Ability to change the width of the dropdown menu via a class, when using a module (custom HTML) in the menu position. The width of an "actual" menu item can be changed using the class "columnwidth-200" but this does not work for modules assigned to the menu.



Avatar carsten.reitz.24 answered

Hi Yootheme,

i see ronneby with 3d feature... it´s very nice ;)




Avatar jennifer.marriott answered

I think a lot of the answers already mention my wishlist:

  1. Easily update to Warp 8 on older Warp 7 templates and the ability to update easily going forward. (#1 most important request)
  2. Pull the favicon from somewhere else other than the main template folder and/or stop overwriting it. Make it configurable for location or automatically pulled from the custom style. (really frustrating)
  3. Easier access to uikit functions in an editor.css or maybe an editor.css customizer?
  4. Better social button implementation and control (there are some buggy quirks with it in multiple templates I have used)
  5. Basic schema/metadata/rich snippet implementation
  6. Open graph availability as part of maybe uikit?
  7. Better results out of the box in terms of performance for mobile and desktop (PageSpeed, GTMetrix, Webpagetest, YSlow)

Thanks for asking can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be great!


Avatar webmakers answered

I would also like to see: - megamenu options improve - fullwidth dropdown and auto columns for each submenu + sublinks to that level = 3 levels shown in megamenu - warp 8 compatible with warp 7 templates.


Avatar steven.seabell answered

I really hope you take the above points into consideration and this is just so that you can stay ahead of the pack. You guys are doing an excellent job. keep up the good work.
My points
New menu functionality (mega menu)
Sticky menus as you have in the top but how about at the bottom as well.
The customizer has to be revamped as a lot of wasted time goes into finding options to change. I agree with one of the posts above (brandon.scivolette). Click on the item you wish to change and options for that item appear in the left pane. Much easier and simpler.
Maybe even sticky module positions. We are always having to load new plugins for functionality.
thank you for allowing us to voice our opinions



Avatar b01.tom answered

  • transparent override system that works on all layouts even when using customizer
  • update mechanism (no manual work!)

Avatar sebastian.kunz answered

I would like to see: - Favicon override - A simpler and better customizer - Improved Menue assignments like NoNumber Advanced module manager which allos alos child items

Thnaks & best regards, Sebastian


Avatar drewm answered

I would certainly echo many of the comments already posted:

  • improved customizer
  • improved menu system and handling of deeper levels
  • favicon simplicity. For that matter it shouldn't require any "core" changes to customize things. Each of base elements should be able to be overridden in custom style folders (theme.js, for example, should work the same way as custom.css and /layouts)


  • from an end-user / client perspective Widgetkit 2 was a vast improvement to allow website managers to maintain and produce great looking pages and content. Any improvements to the engine along these lines would be great!
  • along those lines, content-driven methodology such as was implemented in Widgetkit 2 was also a vast improvement. Expanding upon that would be nice. Joomla Contacts, for example.
  • ability to duplicate / copy layouts so you can start with a base layout you already have instead of just 'add'
  • apply a style across all layouts instead of choosing one at a time
  • expand / collapse sections within the Warp options
  • browse for image files / preview popup within Warp rather than just entering the file path



Avatar christian.van.laarhoven answered

Hi there,

Here's our wish list:

  • Widgetkit Editing frontend
  • Drag and drop function when you design the template
  • Reduce Photo automatically when you insert them via drag and drop function. Through setting you can specify how much it can be reduced.
    Photos of 4 mb should be reduced to ftp below 100 kb.
  • Ability to easily create fonts (h-titles) responsive. Any media queries?
  • Widgetkit editing by JCE editor. Now you should sometimes use HTML codes. This is not user-friendly for laymen.
  • Easy implement external JavaScript libraries. With these libraries, you can quickly apply functionalities.
  • Easier to add external fonts.
  • Easy template update in Joomla without downloading the template again.
  • Provide a map or something you can put in these files never change after an update.
  • Posibility to make an alt tag in Widgetkit when you imported any image (SEO).
  • Even more flexible with the layout of the Grid. Now you're stuck in certain places and you can do all this manually with css responsive. This
    would be useful if YOOtheme does this for you.
  • Flexible grid layout options, now it is only: parallel - stacked - first doubled - doubled second
  • Search function in the customizer.
  • More kinds of styles for the modules.
  • Class compartment greater in modules. It is attractive to add more classes there. You can add them namely in several places but keep everything in one place.
  • More customization options for a menu. Now you are particularly tied to a bar at the top and a sidebar on mobile.
  • When managing your template, you sometimes have to press a checkbox, but you sometimes have to press every single checkbox to get the result you are looking
    for. It would be really nice if you could check all the checkboxes you wish to check faster by pressing the checkbox at the top, holding shift, and then pressing the
    checkbox at the bottom.

Kind regards,


Avatar bozhkov answered

  • Hide/display sidebar like offcanvas (in small or medium size of screen)

Avatar geoffr answered

ABOVE ALL THINGS.... Keep compatibility with Warp 7. It is just too expensive to redo everything each time. The WARP 8 update needs to be a button click. 5 mins max ;-)

Thanks, looking forward to it!


Avatar enovate answered

thank's for the opportunity to give feedback for warp 8.

  • as mentioned many times: favicon override from within template settings
  • a possibility to set a link on the website to switch from mobile to desktop view

Avatar wendy.dypolt answered

So the 'mentioned once' are missing options that were mentioned in this thread. So are these just the ones you feel like implementing or what?

Would also like to see CDN options for JS and CSS files.


Avatar houbahoubi answered


I just think about something else : - layouts more compatible with new features of Joomla. In Joomla we have a lot of settings for the articles or the modules but it doesn't work with your layouts, example choose a header tag for a module, rich snippets... - override on all layouts : example error.php, component.php



Avatar geeksonthebeach answered

I know the topic is Warp 8, but please I hope Yoothemes plans include Warp 8 compatibility and 2016 goodies for Zoo.

  • Blog Templates parity with what your provide for Joomla Articles
  • Event system
  • Portfolio
  • Support System
  • Simple E-Commerce
  • Integrate some ZooLanders Treats...

Unless you're phasing out Zoo, in which case some direction would be helpful. You have plenty of developers that threw our hats in with Zoo and transitioning to a new platform would take long term planning.

Good luck and happy holidays!


Avatar ignitingb answered

Hi Yootheme team! Thanks for inviting our feedback. I want to start of by saying your team does an excellent job, and we are impressed with the improvements that Warp has seen over the past several years. I’d like to submit the following suggestions, realizing that many of which have undoubtedly already been suggested:

  • OpenGraph and RichSnippets Support built-in for SEO and sharing purposes
  • Improved Customizer –At this point, the customizer’s functionality is pretty good, but needs to be better organized for ease of use. I want to make sure this is well understood, we like the customizer and its interaction with the preview – great work on this. Now let’s just make it easier to use. Namely, it can be too difficult/time-consuming to find the items we are looking to edit due to the overall organization.
  • MegaMenu Support
  • Easier method for upgrading template/warp
  • Find and replace for Primary, secondary, tertiary colors, as opposed to replacing the colors in each section of the customizer.
  • Easier to white label the themes for developers-

Again, thanks for being open to feedback. We are looking forward to Warp8


Avatar alberto.dessi answered

  • Cookie info!
  • It's impossible to have a Warp 8 update for Warp 6 themes, right?



Avatar bozhkov answered

Please add support for cyrillic fonts. For example, add the checkbox for cyrillic in control panel. Chrome with no problem, but others browsers not upload theme's cirillic fonts.


Avatar martin.t answered

will give gantry5 a try in the next project. its the fact that yootheme just does not listen (this topic here shows the same impression) and support did not improve over the years. tons of requests in the forum that no one monitors at yootheme and unfotunately a snooty attitude. many reasons why i will never ever even look at pagekit.


Avatar finanztreff answered

Hi Sascha,

the suggestion to increase CSS and JS performance, e.g. by using JS CDNs, has been mentioned "several times" as well (by me and others), but it seems that this request unfortunately didn't make it into your requests summary :(
I hope you will consider it nonetheless.



Avatar carsten.bock answered

It would be a good idea to do some sort of a styleguide for all usable formatings, classes and styles in future as working like at the moment is not very convinient as it seems like a revers engeneering process with firebug not like designing a website from scratch.
So please do documenting layout classes within their respective sample pages or in a global easy to access styleguide.
Thanks in advance


Avatar danyany answered

Hi there...

  • I would love to see a better Multi-site integration for Wordpress, maybe the basic frame work for developers to write plugins to duplicate widgets, positions, styles, etc...
  • a better description what you can do with the really elaborate and beautiful customizer
  • an integration for uikit classes in an kind of visual editor (or the integration possibility) without having to write html (as this is not everybody's skill and a blog needs to be updated easily)



Avatar arrowthemes answered

I agree with most of the suggestions but some may be an overkill. I believe that YOOguys will eventually narrow down to a final list out of all the suggestions.

One of the features I'd like to see is ability to compile LESS on page load as soon as an update on the LESS files is done. This should be a setting which the user can turn off/on Case in point: - I'm running version 1.0.0 of Warp template. - I update theme.less - On the next page load, if I've turned on 'auto compile on less update' setting, the page should compile and load the new theme.css.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into your products.


Avatar troy.smith.24 answered

One click updates for sure.
Theme update notification (A section in the theme to send admin email notification)
More options in released templates, With some templates released each month some have good features that would be nice in others
maybe keep these features in the base so easy to enable on any template, Down side larger themes but you can have it enabled in a features.config file to reduce the theme GUI making it easy to just un-comment the features you want.


Avatar e.manuel answered


Please update the template options window to be better viewable on mobile devices. Currently it doesn't look very well, the layout is broken and its nearly impossible to change template options...

Furthermore I would like to please you, to change some parameters in your responsive layouts. Most of the time i have to reduce the font size for mobile screens, because they are way to large and little longer words are too broat to be displayed correctly... It would be great if this could be done more flexible, for example if a word is too long it will be splitted or the font size will be reduced to display the text in a better way on smaller screens.



Avatar sazqatch answered

My wishlist is similar to most: Easy updater, favicon, ability to set custom local webfont within template settings, etc.

MY MAJOR WISH is for a naming convention for the modules with sample data and the modules with position names. For instance "demo_XXX" and "position_XXX". It becomes cumbersome to wade through all the modules after an initial install.

Also adding "Home_XXX" would easier finding of items on the homepage. eg "Demo_Home_slideshow"



Avatar thomas.azentrix answered

Currently it is a little feature request paying on the usability of the Warp Modules administration: Please don't truncate the titles of the modules listed in the left column.

Thanks, folks! :-)


Avatar ilona.herr answered

Hello Yootheme team
my suggestion would be that warp elements drawn from date - and would be faded. Particularly helpful would be the function of campaigns.


Avatar andre.a.lavrinenko answered

Most of my sites are bilingual with Greek characters. I'd like to see Google font subsets (greek,cyrilic etc).



Avatar kiweerouge answered

It could be nice to have an option to load or not the uikit js scripts on the site, with a checkbox for example.
If I want / need to create a slideshow, I just have to check "slideshow.js" somewhere in the yoo_template admin and the script is added.

It could be great if we could choose the page(s) where to load the scripts too.


Avatar kiweerouge answered

My whishlist

_ Speed improvments
_ Better documentation
_ A better way to work with LESS (without using the customizer)
_ K2 integration
_ widgetkit that actually works with k2


Avatar reinder.herder answered


You guys and girls are making lovely templates, but....... a lot of the newest templates depends on the widgetkit implementation.
I am pretty sure that many sitebuilders would also like to use a modern Nano 4 of whatever you like to call it, based on the newest Warp etc. and ready for the latest Joomla version with PHP 7.
Simple, lightweighted and fast and easy to customize with for instance a background-image and ... a larger logo-image.


Kind regards,




Avatar smartini answered

Hi Yootheme,

thanks for asking. Please: when will this be ready? My biggest point on my "wish list from a developer point of view" is the answer to this question.

Best regards,


Avatar smmiwe answered

An easy way to allow a user to switch from a mobile version to the desktop version, and vice versa, if the user wants to, especially if they are using alternate devices. Thank you.


Avatar marcin.drogosz answered

Hey, Sasha anyone remember CHILD sub/themes? Great inheritance system from Warp6? I want it back! :)

Custom page builder, yea, module layouts in Warp7 are not very handy in placing modules easily.

I will tell you straight, I just played with Ga**ry5... and first time after all those years with all great Warp Framework and even pre-warp themes, I'm interested with something other than YOO. Don't take it wrong, I just pointed you where your inspiration can come from. I guess you already checked it.

So I hope for great integration with Pagekit. I want theme params in menus/pages, articles etc.! Everywhere where it can be :) It's useful.

Page builder directly in Pagekit's pages tree. So when you add/edit page, you have Tab with Warp8 page builder for that specific page. It would be awesome. And of course Warp8 as one place to set and change all layouts everywhere.



Avatar sara.thornton answered

A WordPress specific request: the ability to show/hide individual widget titles via the theme > Widgets area (perhaps as part of the Title dropdown options: Default/H1/H2/H3/H4/Extra Large and Hide ?) . For customers with a lot of widgets, it's incredibly helpful to title the individual widgets in the Appearance > Widgets area (so that you don't have to expand each widget to see which one it is), however showing the widget title on the front end of the website is not always needed.


Avatar e.manuel answered

Hey guys,

I am really looking forward to seeing your new release.

I would like to add some feature requests, regarding WORDPRESS:

  • please improve the integration in wordpress.
    At the moment, your themes and the whole warp stuff works great with joomla, and - sure - for wordpress as well.
    But in contrast to joomla, the wordpress system is more like, "build your stuff within the pages not in the widget (modules in joomla) area". Actually its really time consuming to switch between the warp menu of the theme and back to this really crappy widget area from wordpress... In a large site it can be very frustrating, to use those small widgets, but in order to use different full width blocks and full width block colors i have to make use of widgets.

  • I would absolutley LOVE to see some kind of "simple" layout builder for wordpress or/and widgetkit.
    Well I don't like most of those page and layout builders and their strange class-names they come with. But a simple and clean layout constructor would be really useful. Actually I like the "Avia Layout Builder" from the enfold theme (search in google) - because the UI looks clean and it works fast (but its terrible, because this one is only available with enfold theme, and it does not support a good grid system like that from uikit).

  • and additionally: PUSH your frameworks for wordpress!
    Seriously, I love working with Joomla, but actually I hate it! I don't like the seo plugins, and that ugly plugin interfaces that are available on the market. And a important reason, many people I have been talking are not willing to get a website based on it. You could reach many many many more people. I think uikit is so damn great, but you must see, that bootstrap 4 is in the pipe and uikit is by now not quite common, especially for wordpress.



Avatar adi.heutschi answered

Hi Yootheme

Ich schreibe in Deutsch, da Ihr besser mein Deutsch versteht als ich Englisch schreibe. ;-)

  1. Im Customizer wäre toll wenn man die Parameter einfacher finden würde. Z.B. wenn man in der Vorschau sehen könnte, wo die Werte zu finden sind.

  2. Toll wäre auch wenn jeweils alle Modulpositionen für Mobile, Tablet und Desktop Konfigurierbar wären. Ich weiss sind oft Themenspezifische die dann nicht konfigurierbar sind.

Das wär's dann auch schon.

Liebe Grüsse



Avatar giacomo.gasparella answered


an integrated basic ecommerce just to sell "on-fly" few products . all manage like an article. and paypal inside.
not manage a complete e-shop with different prices, regions, state, vat, shipment... etc etc.
very basic just to sell , for example, a t-shirt or a mug in a website that promote sports activities : picture+description+price+number+paypal+shipment and address.


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