The Basics

Open YOOtheme Pro in Joomla, create a new YOOtheme Pro page and access the page builder.

If you are new to YOOtheme Pro, these guidelines will help you understand the basics of working with our powerful theme and page builder. Learn where to access YOOtheme Pro, add new YOOtheme Pro pages and open the page builder without permission to edit theme settings.

Open YOOtheme Pro

After you installed and activated YOOtheme Pro, open the Joomla Template Manager by going to Extensions → Templates → Styles, edit a style which is based on the yootheme template and click on the Customize button.

Open YOOtheme Pro

For an even quicker access, click on YOOtheme under Extensions in the sidebar menu on the left in the Joomla Control Panel.

Open YOOtheme Pro from control panel

The YOOtheme Pro customizer will open with all included features. The separate panels of YOOtheme Pro are explained in more detail in their respective chapters. Start by exploring the Customizer documentation.

Open the Builder

To use the YOOtheme page builder, add a new article by clicking Content → Articles → Add New Article. Enter a title and save the article. Once saved, the YOOtheme Builder button will appear in under the editor. Clicking it will open the YOOtheme Pro page builder.

Add a YOOtheme Pro article

When editing a YOOtheme article, the editor is blanked out and the YOOtheme Builder button is shown to access the page builder.

Edit a YOOtheme Pro page

Access Builder Through Customizer

Once a YOOtheme Pro article is created, it can also be accessed when using the YOOtheme Pro customizer. Just browse to the specific page in the right preview and then click Builder in the customizer sidebar.

Front-end Editing

You can also open the YOOtheme page builder on the front-end without accessing the Joomla administration area. Log in to the front-end of your site and navigate to the article you want to edit. Click the Edit button in the right bottom corner and click the YOOtheme Builder button.

Front-end editing button

Front-end editing

Limited Permissions

Users with limited permissions can also open the YOOtheme Pro page builder without access to the other theme settings of YOOtheme Pro. With permission to Edit articles, users can access the page builder through the Joomla Content Article Manager or on the front-end.

YOOtheme Pro