First Steps

Things you should explore first.

YOOtheme Pro is a powerful tool with many features to discover and explore. To get started right away, we recommend these first steps.

Open YOOtheme Pro

After you install one of the YOOtheme Pro templates, open the Joomla Control Panel and click on YOOtheme under Extensions in the sidebar menu on the left.

Open YOOtheme Pro

Alternatively, open the Joomla Template Manager by going to Extensions → Templates in the navbar, open yootheme and click on the Customize button.

Open YOOtheme Pro From Template Manager

The YOOtheme Pro will open with all included features. The separate panels of YOOtheme Pro are explained in more detail in their respective chapters. To get started, check out the Overview. There is a walk-through video tutorial available, which will get you started.

Add a YOOtheme Pro Article

Create a new article by clicking on Content → Articles → Add New Article. After you give it a title and Save, a YOOtheme Builder button will appear. Clicking on it will open the YOOtheme Pro customizer.

Add a YOOtheme Pro Article

Open YOOtheme Pro With Limited Permissions

User accounts with limited permissions can also just open the YOOtheme Pro page builder without access to the other theme settings of YOOtheme Pro. Edit a Joomla article in the Joomla admin area and click the YOOtheme Builder button.

Open YOOtheme Pro

Frontend Editing

Log in to the frontend of your site after you make sure that your user account has a permission to edit, and navigate to the article you want to edit. Click the Edit button in the right bottom corner to edit the article. Now click the YOOtheme Builder button.


To get 1-click updates for YOOtheme Pro you have to configure your YOOtheme API key. Read the Updating documentation for more information.

Logo and Favicon

To set up the website's logo, take a look at the Site & Logo documentation. Set a favicon in the Settings of YOOtheme Pro.

Module Assignment

For more control over module assignment, we recommend to install the free version of the Advanced Module Manager. It's also pre-installed and used in the YOOtheme Pro demo packages.


For modifications, it is recommended to use child themes. That way you can change theme files without the risk of losing your customizations while updating. You should never modify files directly in the yootheme theme folder.

YOOtheme Pro