Create multilingual websites for the whole world to read.

Creating a multi-language website with YOOtheme Pro has the same workflow as with any other theme. Create multiple versions of the same content by translating it into different languages. By choosing their preferred language on your website, readers switch between these content translations.

You can find a tutorial explaining the basic process of selecting a language in the official Joomla documentation.

Use Menu Modules

If you are creating a multi-language site, you can't use the new menu positions introduced by YOOtheme Pro yet. Instead, follow the native Joomla approach of creating one menu module for each language and publish them in the Navbar or Mobile module position.

Translate Pages

You can copy the existing page layout to the translated page using one of the following options.

  • Copy and paste the content of the original page making sure to switch the editor to 'Code' view.
  • Import a saved layout from the YOOtheme Pro layout library.

Now you can edit the translated page with the YOOtheme Pro page builder.

With YOOtheme Pro you can create a footer with the Layout Builder in Layout → Footer. However, this footer will be shown for all languages.

To create an individual footer for each language, you can use Builder Modules to lay out a footer and assign it to a specific language. Publish these modules in the bottom position.

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