Posts Settings

Customize the posts layout of your Joomla website.

YOOtheme Pro adds several layout settings for the Joomla single post view. When configuring the settings, it's recommended to browse to the single post and preview the changes immediately.

The post layout settings define how a single post is displayed. The following settings can be found in the Layout → Posts panel of YOOtheme Pro.

General Settings

There are some general settings to configure the blog detail page.

Setting Description
Width Set the post width.
Padding Set the vertical padding.
Content Width Set an explicit content width which doesn't affect the image or inherit the post width.

Image Settings

Configure images on the blog detail page.

Setting Description
Image Margin Set the top margin if the image is aligned between the title and the content.
Image Width Set the width of the image.
Image Height Set the height of the image.

Content Settings

There are some settings to configure the content on the blog detail page.

Setting Description
Alignment Center the title and meta text.
Title Margin Set the top title margin.
Meta Margin Set the top meta margin.
Meta Style Display the meta text in a sentence or a horizontal list.
Content Margin Set the top content margin.
Drop Cap Set a large initial letter that drops below the first line of the first paragraph.

Joomla Article Options

Joomla offers many additional article options. Here is a list of the most important ones. Open Joomla's global article manager options and click on the specific tab.

Setting Tab Description
Position of Article Info Articles Position the meta text above or below the title.
Show Navigation Articles Enable a navigation to move to the previous or next post.
Image Float Editing Layout Choosing the left or right option will display the image between the title and the content. Set to None it will display at the top of the article.

Posts Builder

YOOtheme Pro allows you to edit single posts with the YOOtheme Pro page builder. Open the page builder as described in the basics documentation and start editing the post.

Mind that the page builder layout is only rendered in the single post view. In the blog overview the whole post is rendered with simple markup. Use the Content Length option in the Layout – Blog panel in YOOtheme Pro to limit the post text and remove the markup.

Content length

Content Excerpt

Alternatively, you can enter an excerpt for the post which can be shown in the blog overview instead of the post text.

Create a custom field with the name Excerpt and set the Automatic Display option to Do not automatically display in the Options tab of the custom field. The excerpt will be shown automatically.

Content Excerpt

Content Excerpt Display

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