Template Files

Customize any layout in YOOtheme Pro, like the main theme layout or the blog pages as well as the header, menus, modules and positions.

A child theme can override any template file in YOOtheme Pro. Simply include a file of the same name in the child theme folder, and it will override the equivalent file in the yootheme folder when your site loads. It’s recommended to copy the original file to the child theme and start modifications from there.

You can also include files in the child theme that are not included in YOOtheme Pro but are recognized by Joomla. See Understanding Output Overrides for more information on how to override component layouts in Joomla.

The following lists give an overview of all template files in YOOtheme Pro.

Theme Templates

Here is a list of the main template files in YOOtheme Pro which serve as entry points to your Joomla site.

File Description
index.php This is the main template file, which contains the actual theme layout.
error.php This file renders error pages.
offline.php This file renders the offline page.

Output Overrides

To overwrite the standard output from any Joomla Module or Component, add the respective template files to the /html directory of your child theme. For more information, take a look at the official How to override the output from the Joomla! core guide.

YOOtheme Pro already overrides the template files for com_content, com_finder, com_search and com_tags as well as most for modules. These template files are located in /yootheme/html and can also be overridden by mimicking the original file structure in the child theme.

YOOtheme Pro also abstracts the article layout, so that the same template files are used across all content components.

File Description
templates/article.php This file renders categorized articles (blog posts).
templates/article-page.php This file renders uncategorized articles (static pages).
templates/article-search.php This file renders articles on the search page.

Layout Templates

The following template files render the module position layouts.

Template Description
templates/section.php This file renders the section markup for the top and bottom positions.
templates/sidebar.php This file renders the sidebar markup for the sidebar position.
templates/position.php This file renders the position markup, i.e. decides whether the modules are placed within a grid.
templates/module.php This file renders the module markup.

Header Templates

Here is a list of template files which render the header.

Template Description
templates/header.php This file renders the header markup and its navigations.

The following template partials are included by the header.php.

Template Partial Description
templates/toolbar.php This file renders the toolbar.
templates/header-mobile.php This file renders the mobile header markup and its navigation.
templates/header-logo.php This file renders the logo.
templates/search.php This file renders the search toggle and field.
templates/socials.php This file renders the social icons.

Here is a list of template files which render the different menus and navigations.

Template Description
templates/menu/menu.php This file renders the menu markup.
templates/menu/nav.php This file renders menu items for the vertical nav.
templates/menu/navbar.php This file renders menu items for the navbar.
templates/menu/subnav.php This file renders menu items for the subnav.
templates/breadcrumbs.php This file renders the breadcrumb navigation.
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