Module Settings

Control the appearance and style of each module.

YOOtheme Pro adds a Template tab to the Joomla module settings with additional options. The availability of certain settings depends on the position where the module is published and its type.

Module settings

Default Options

Use this default option to style your modules published in any position.

Setting Description
Visibility Display the module only on a specific device width and larger.

Default options

Appearance Options

Use these appearance settings to style your modules published in the sidebar, mobile, top and bottom positions.

Setting Description
Style Define whether the module looks like a card or whether the style is blank.
Title Style Title styles differ in font-size but may also come with a predefined color, size and font.
Title Decoration Decorate the title with a divider, bullet or a line that is vertically centered to the heading.
Alignment Center, left or right align the text.
Alignment Breakpoint Define the device width starting from which the alignment will apply.
Alignment Fallback Define an alignment fallback for device widths below the breakpoint.

Appearance options

Grid Options

Use these grid settings to style your modules published in the top and bottom positions.

Setting Description
Width Set the width of the grid column that contains the module in percent or choose Expand to fill up the available space evenly.
Max Width Set the module's maximum width.
Max Width Alignment Define the module's alignment if the grid column is larger than its max-width.

Grid options

List Options

Use these settings to style your list modules published in sidebar, mobile, top or bottom positions.

Joomla offers the following list modules: Articles - Archived, Articles - Categories, Articles - Latest, Articles - Most Read, Tags - Popular, Tags - Similar.

Setting Description
List Style Select whether the list items should be separated with dividers or not.
Link Style Use the default link color or the muted color.

List options

Use these settings to style your menu modules published in the sidebar, mobile, top or bottom position.

Setting Description
Menu Style Select whether the menu should be rendered as a horizontal subnav or a sidebar nav.

Menu options

Module Visibility

In Joomla you can assign modules to specific pages. For more advanced options, we recommend installing a free extension from Regular Labs called Advanced Module Manager. It changes your Menu Assignments tab in the module settings to Assignments and provides more advanced settings to show modules on specific pages. The extension needs to be installed and activated in the Joomla extension manager.


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