Blog Settings

Customize the blog layout of your WordPress website.

YOOtheme Pro adds several layout settings for the WordPress blog. When configuring the settings, it's recommended to browse to the blog and preview the changes immediately.

The blog layout settings define how the blog overview and its teaser posts are displayed. The following settings can be found in the Layout → Blog panel of YOOtheme Pro.

General Settings

There are some general settings to configure the blog overview page.

Setting Description
Width Set the blog width.
Padding Set the vertical padding.
Columns Set the number of columns.
Breakpoint Set the breakpoint from which the grid cells will stack.
Masonry Enable masonry effect and create a layout free of gaps even if grid cells have different heights.
Parallax Enable parallax effect and move single grid columns at different speeds while scrolling. Define the vertical parallax offset in pixels.

Image Settings

Configure images on the blog overview page.

Setting Description
Image Alignment Align the image to the top or place it between the title and the content.
Image Margin Set the top margin if the image is aligned between the title and the content.
Image Width Set the width of the image.
Image Height Set the height of the image.

Content Settings

There are some settings to configure the content on the blog overview page.

Setting Description
Alignment Center the title, meta text and button.
Title Style Set the title style.
Title Margin Set the top title margin.
Meta Margin Set the top meta margin.
Content Show the excerpt in the blog overview instead of the post text.
Content Length Limit the content length to a number of characters and add the "Continue Reading" button.
Content Margin Set the top content margin.
Content Alignment Center the content on the blog overview page only.
Button Set the style for the "Continue Reading" button.
Button Margin Set the top button margin.

Use a numeric pagination or "previous/next" links to move between blog pages.

Navigation settings


Show or hide system fields like date, author, categories, tags and archive category title among others. This option does not apply to single posts.

Display settings

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