Builder Widget

Use the builder widget to create sophisticated layouts with unlimited sections above and below the main content.

The builder widget allows you to use the full power of the YOOtheme Pro page builder with its ready-to-use elements and pre-built page layouts in the top or bottom widget areas.

Add the Builder Widget

The builder widget is a regular WordPress widget. Publish it only in the top or bottom widget area. Otherwise, it will not be rendered, and an error message will appear. This is because the page builder is designed to create layouts that can take up the full width of the viewport which is not possible for areas like the sidebar.

Note The layout settings in Layout → Top and Layout → Bottom are ignored by the builder widget because it allows you to create multiple sections which each has its own settings.

Builder widget example

Open the Builder

Open the Widget panel in the WordPress Customizer and edit the builder widget. Click the Open Builder button to open the YOOtheme Pro page builder.

Builder widget

Advanced Layouts

The YOOtheme builder widget is especially powerful in combination with the widget and area elements from the YOOtheme Pro element library. Both elements collapse if they have no content output, and the layout adapts accordingly. This gives you a lot of possibilities to create advanced layouts above and below the main content. Read more in the collapsing layouts documentation.

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