Theme Settings

Manage theme settings, customize the style and build your page layouts within the native WordPress customizer.

YOOtheme Pro is completely integrated into the native WordPress customizer and extends it with new features. Everything works as you know it, so that you feel quite at home.

WordPress YOOtheme Pro

The new sidebar panels are added just below the default ones from WordPress customizer itself.

If you change any YOOtheme Pro settings, the preview on the right updates, and a Save and Publish button appears at the top of the sidebar. As soon as you hit this button, all theme settings are saved and published.

Note The content created with the YOOtheme Pro page builder has its own respective Save button and is not saved together with the theme settings. Learn more about it in the Page Builder documentation.

Panel Overview

Here is a short overview of all YOOtheme Pro setting panels and their content. There are also short video tutorial available, which will walk you through each panel.

Panel Description Video Tutorial
Layout This panel includes all layout related settings for the site & logo, header & navbar, mobile, widget areas, blog & posts as well as the footer builder. Show
Style This panel contains the style customizer. Show
Builder This panel allows you to layout your pages with the page builder. Show
Settings This panel includes global site options, custom code and 3rd party API tokens. Show

Note The video tutorials are using a Joomla installation. They are still very informative if you are using WordPress. Everything is very similar. We will provide WordPress based video tutorials soon.

Responsive Testing Tools

Responsive testing tools can be found at the bottom of the sidebar. Use the device icons to check how your site will look on different device sizes.

Responsive Testing Tools

YOOtheme Pro