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Set up the WordPress menu

This tutorial shows you how to set up the main menu correctly in your Warp based theme.

Create the menu

After installation of the theme click on Appearance » Menus in the administration menu on the left.

Click on the small plus sign to create a new menu, give it a name and click on Save. You can now assign articles or pages to the menu as explained in the WordPress Menu Tutorial.

Tip: You can also create non-clickable menu items, which are for example used in the Accordion menu. To create such an item, create a custom link menu item with a single # as URL.

Assign the menu as Main Navigation

Before the menu works properly in your theme, you have to assign it to the main navigation of the theme. To do so, just select your main menu in the box Theme Locations on the left and click on Save.

Menu Styles

Basically there are two menu styles Mega Drop Down and Accordion. The menu will choose its style automatically depending on what position it is published on. The themes menu position will give you the horizontal Mega Drop Down style, while the sidebar positions will render the menu using the Accordion style.

Menu columns

Menu columns

In your WordPress administration click on Appearance » Menus and click on the tab of the main menu.

Choose the menu item with the drop down menu you want to customize and click on the small arrow on the right to expand the settings.

There you can set the total of columns you want to have in this menu item's drop down and the width of each column in pixels.

Using icons in menu items

Using icons for menu items

If you'd like to display icons for drop down menu items, just navigate to the desired level 2 menu item of your Main Menu Appearance » Menus » Your Menu.

Using icons for menu items

Click on the little arrow to expand the menu item settings and type in the path to the icon file in the field Image. Using the relative path to the directory /wp-content/uploads.

Add subtitles to menu items

Add subtitles to menu items

A subtitle can be added to a menu item by simply placing your subtitle text behind two "|" (pipe) characters. Navigate to Appearance » Menus and select your menu in the tabs on the top. Then, create a new menu item or edit an old one. Place two "|" (pipe) characters behind the title's caption and enter a text for the subtitle.

Documentation on Github

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