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Using Warp Themes with WPML

Here is a brief instruction how to deal with Warp Themes together with WPML and translate widgets.


All Warp themes are fully compatible with WPML. You are able to controll your widgets as explained at Set up the WordPress widgets. All created widgets will be automatically displayed on all translations of the concerned page.

Howto translate widgets

In the following we'll show you, how to setup different widgets per language.

  • First you have to install and activate Widget Logic. With Widget Logic you are able to controll Widgets with the help of PHP.
  • Add copies of the widgets you want to translate. You need one copy per widget for every language in wich you want to translate your widget. In the following we will configure the widgets so they will be only displayed in one language.
  • Go to Appearance » Widgets and select successively every translated widget. For the english translation add the following code to Widget logic:
    You can find the language code of your disired language at WPML » Languages » Edit Languages
Widget Logic configuration

Documentation on Github

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