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How to change the site color for each menu item before Warp

This tutorial shows you, how to change the site color for each menu item in a YOOtheme template before we implemented the Warp framework in all templates since July 2009.

Template Settings

With the Active Item Detection it is possible to change the site color for each menu item. Go to the template configuration in the Joomla backend. Click on Extensions - Template Manager - Edit template.

You can find out the number (after the term item) for a menu item in the Joomla administration in the Menu Manager. Take a look at the parameter Order.

It depends on the template if the color changing feature is supported. Not all templates have this feature.

Why is the Active Item Detection not working?

With the Active Item Detection the template knows which menu item you are currently browsing. For example, it sets any CSS class depending on the active/current menu item in the body tag. This makes it possible to give each page a different color styling.

Make sure your menu item ordering begins with Order set to 1. To check this, go to the Joomla backend and open the Menu Manager for the main menu. Take a look at the order. The first menu item (for example, Home) in level1 must have the order set to 1. If not, re-order all your level1 items without numbers missing in between.

Documentation on Github

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