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Set module proportions

This tutorial explains how you can set the module proportions on different pages for the horizontal module positions in a template based on the Warp framework.

Setting module proportions for a specific page

How to set the module proportions on different pages for the horizontal module positionson.

One outstanding feature of the Warp framework is the possibility to choose between different module proportions for each module position. By default, the module proportions are set to equal. This means that all published modules in a horizontal module position have the same width. But you can also set the module proportions to golden ratio for a specific module position on a specific page. To do that, you have to add MODULENAME-PROPORTION to the Page Class Suffix in the Menu Item Parameters.

Example: Publish two modules in the top position on your Home menu item. The width of each module will be 50% by default. To have the golden ratio proportions go to the menu manager and set the page class suffix to top-goldenratio in the parameters of the Home menu item. Now the width of the first module will be 65% and of the second module 35% on the page Home.

The following figures show the different proportions depending on the number of published modules.


Equal Proportions

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio Proportions

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