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Introducing the Content Builder

The content builder is used to create types containing a set of elements. Any combination of elements is possible to build the type you need.

This is how the attributes of the movie type will translate into elements.

ZOO Content Builder

What Elements are there?

Build any type you want using a rich set of elements

ZOO Elements

All elements are grouped into five categories. Each element defines its own functionality. You can combine them to build a new type or extend existing ones. Some elements can be repeated in items like when entering multiple email addresses. Submittable elements can be used by the form builder to create your frontend submissions.

ZOO Form Elements

Form Elements

Form elements are the essential part of the type construction. They save all text information to be displayed in the frontend of your website.

Name Description Repeatable Submittable Docs
Text Single line input field View
Textarea Multi-column text field View
Radio Group of radio buttons - View
Select Drop down select box with optional multiple selections - View
Checkbox Group of checkboxes - View
Link Link with options for the title, target and rel attribute View
Email Email with optional subject or body. Supports Email cloaking. View
Date Display dates and select them easily using a date picker. View
ZOO Media Elements

Media Elements

ZOO offers various elements to display all kinds of media. You can e.g. display single images or galleries with lightboxes, slideshows and integrated thumbnail creation.

Name Description Submittable Docs
Image Displays an image which can be resized. Supports custom links and titles. View
Media Displays HTML5 video and audio formats and videos from Youtube and Vimeo View
Download Provides a downloadable file which can be protected from direct linking. View
Gallery Image gallery based on the Widgetkit Gallery with Slideshow, Spotlight and Lightbox. - View
ZOO Social Elements

Social Elements

The social elements allow your users to communicate and interact with you and each other through your website. These elements are typically used for blogs but can also add a social feel to any type of catalog.

Name Description Submittable Docs
Rating Provides an ajaxed based rating system between 3 and 10 stars. - View
Social Buttons Displays Google +1, Facebook Like and Tweet buttons. - View
Social Bookmarks Displays icons of Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. to share items - View
ZOO Web Service Elements

Web Service Elements

These elements implement 3rd party web applications for various purposes - most of them are social web services. Usually you must have an account at the respective third-party website to use their service.

Name Description Submittable Docs
Google Maps Displays any item on Google Maps View
AddThis Integrates AddThis bookmark and sharing service - View
IntenseDebate Integrates IntenseDebate comment service - View
Disqus Integrates Disqus comment service - View
Flickr Integrates Flickr photo sharing service - View
ZOO Other Elements

Other Elements

This set of elements extend your items functionality and how your content relates.

Name Description Submittable Docs
Related Items Displays related items with any of their elements - Very powerful! View
Related Categories Displays any related categories View
Joomla Module Displays any Joomla module in the item - View
Country Provides a drop down select box of all countries with optional multiple selections View
Widgetkit Display Widgetkit widgets anywhere in ZOO - View