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Sticky Navbar on Mobile mode

Hi YOOtheme
I use YOOtheme pro Horizon in joomla 3.6.5 .. so far so good.
but I found the problem in navbar on mibile no matter which Fuse , Horizon , or Max templates that I used.
it can not set sticky navbar ( or header ) on mobile mode (view) all of them.
I tried to search this issue in your support but nothing .
I also could not find some relative setting features in LAYOUT Mobile item form YOOtheme Pro BUILDER ,
The NAVBAR setting "Static , Sticky , Sticky on scroll up" in LAYOUT feature only work on Desktop mode (view) or
Tablet landscape mode (view) , it did not work in Tablet portrait and cellphone modes (landscape , portrait).
but I think it's very common & important function for visitors to access the main site features very quickly .

Can anyone help me how to set sticky navbar bar on mobile mode ?
Tell me what am I missing ?

Thank You

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Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi kkyoo,

you can add the attribute uk-sticky to the navbar container for the mobile header. Edit the file templates->yootheme->templates->header-mobile.php. Look for this line

<nav class="uk-navbar-container" uk-navbar>

and add uk-sticky

<nav class="uk-navbar-container" uk-navbar uk-sticky>

If you want to make this update-safe, you should create a child theme.

Also I recommend adding this to the Wish list for YOOtheme Pro.

Kind regards


Avatar kkyoo answered

It works !!
Thank you for all your assistance .


Avatar kkyoo answered

Hi thomas
Merry Christmas ~
I found the bug since I added uk-sticky attribute in my child theme .
First ., the sticky was worked .
But if I tap the navbar toogle icon to call the offcanvas menu to show and then navbar toogle icon will missing( disappear ) in my iphone.
In this case that I have to tap somewhere outside of the offcanvas menu in order to make offcanvas menu to back becauce the navbar toogle icon was disappeared .
The navbar toogle icon will show again when offcanvas menu go back where it was.

What's wrong ?

But if I deleted the uk-sticky attribute from header-mobile.php and do it again that was ok ., the navbar toogle icon
will show beside the offcanvas menu as usual .

I have no idea to how to modify it .
Can you help me ?

Note : This case what I met was only happend by use your mobile device not in any simulators or emulators .

Thank you .


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

I don't quite understand if the icon is still missing or if that problem has gone now?

However, I could not reproduce this behaviour. But I also don't own an iOS device, I can only confirm it's working for Android and emulators.

If you still have this problem that the offcanvas toggle icon disappears, please add a link to your site and admin access in the hidden info field.

Please also check if it's working for you on my demo site: https://pionte.ch/yootheme/max

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