This tutorial shows you how to install Joomla CMS and Warp framework.


Setting up a Warp theme follows the standard Joomla installation procedure and works like with any other template.

  1. Download Joomla from the Joomla website.
  2. Setup a new Joomla install.
  3. Install and activate your template.

For more information, take a look at the official Joomla documentation.

Setup a Demo Package

A demo package is a full Joomla installation, which includes the theme and sample data responsible for the layout and setup of our demo. This is great if you don't want to start from scratch or just to have a peek at how everything is put together.

Note On the last installation step don't forget to Install the YOOtheme Sample Data to import the demo content.


If the installation does not work and you get an error message, you might want to try installing the theme manually.

  1. Extract the theme .zip file to a directory on your PC.
  2. Using FTP, upload the theme directory to the /tmp folder of your Joomla installation on your webserver.
  3. Go to the Joomla extensions installer and use the Install from Directory option to set the directory of your uploaded template files.
  4. Hit the Install button and Joomla will install it from the stated directory.

You can find further guidance on troubleshooting and PHP problems in the Installation issues article.

Note The Joomla error messages during installation can sometimes be misleading. For example, Joomla claims that it is unable to find the installation package, when it actually wasn't uploaded completely due to the PHP Maximum Upload Size limit.

Warp Themes Documentation