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Third-Party Extensions

Enhance your website with third-party extensions for YOOtheme Pro and ZOO created by our amazing developer community.

ZOOlanders Logo


ZOOlanders offers free and commercial extensions for YOOtheme Pro. Extend it with powerful features like access rules to publish elements based on date, language, user level and user group. Or extend the builder with new icon libraries like Font Awesome, Ionicons and Zondicons.

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Highlighted Products
  • Access Rules for Elements Logo

    Access Rules for Elements

  • Extended Icons Logo

    Extended Icons

  • Chart.js Element Logo

    Chart.js Element

  • Social Sharing Element Logo

    Social Sharing Element

cloudfood Logo


Cloudfood offers free and commercial elements for YOOtheme Pro. They expand the YOOtheme Pro element library and add a lot of new design opportunities for your site. They are constantly working on new elements and improve existing ones.

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Highlighted Products
  • cf Comparison Slider Logo

    cf Comparison Slider

  • cf Simple Form Logo

    cf Simple Form

  • cf Emotion Accordion Logo

    cf Emotion Accordion

  • cf Panel Slider Logo

    cf Panel Slider

Forrestkirby Logo


Forrestkirby offers free elements for YOOtheme Pro. He is an experienced developer who has been part of the YOOtheme support team since 2012. Download his elements from Github.

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Highlighted Products
  • Toggle Element Logo

    Toggle Element

  • Progress Element Logo

    Progress Element

  • Timeline Element Logo

    Timeline Element

  • Counter Element Logo

    Counter Element

ZooModsPlus Logo


ZooModsPlus offers free and commercial extensions for ZOO. Record and restore your actions with ZOO History, create AMP pages from your ZOO items using ZOO AMP extension, and enjoy the free Paypal element for your ZOO items.

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Highlighted Products
  • ZOO History Logo

    ZOO History

  • ZOO AMP Logo


  • Paypal for ZOO Logo

    Paypal for ZOO

Joomla Pro Logo

Joomla Pro

Joomla Pro offers commercial VirtueMart extensions for YOOtheme Pro and Widgetkit. VMuikit styles your Virtuemart shop so it corresponds to the look of your website. With VMwidgetkit you can load Virtuemart items into Widgetkit.

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Highlighted Products
  • VMuikit Logo


  • VMwidgetkit Logo


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