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Avatar anna.robinson asked

yootheme pro, multilingual menus, not working on mobile?

I can't get multi language menus to display on mobile. Other people also posted about this: http://yootheme.com/support/question/106811

Please view the screen shot of the problem with the settings in YOOtheme Pro.

Menus > Navbar position: I have none selected here and it works fine on desktop.

Menus > Mobile position: If I have none selected here, no menu items show on mobile. If I select one of the menus only the menu items for that language shows.


Please can you explain how can I have menu items show for each language on mobile please, YOOtheme?


YOOtheme, there is a login for you in hidden info if you need it.

UPDATE 2017-03-13

It would help a lot if you could just give an estimate when this issue will be solved - or if it's not an issue with Yootheme Pro, please let me know what I've done wrong and what I should do for it to work. It's now been 13 days since I posted this and I can see that nobody used the login I provided...
It's becoming increasingly hard for me to explain to my client why I can't make menu work on mobile. I'm grateful that you replied that "you will look into it" but when, please? What is the hardest for me is not knowing anything about why this issue is not being solved or when I can expect it to possibly be solved. Would you advice me to use WARP 7 instead for multilingual sites or should i hang in there and believe that this issue will be solved within one or two weeks?

UPDATE 2017-03-16

Wow thank you! SOLVED in 1 minute. I already had Joomla setup for multilingual and it was working on desktop. The one part that I had missed was making the extra menu modules for mobile.

It would really help to explain that you have to make a duplicate module for each language Main menu Module and assign it to "mobile position".

So the standard Main menu Modules (for desktop) should be assigned to "navbar position" in Joomla core.
Then make duplicates of these modules and assign them to "mobile position" in Joomla core.
In the YOOtheme Pro menu settings both selects for Navbar- and Mobile-Position need to be empty.

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Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


you have already created different menus for each language, now you can create menu modules for these menus and then assign them to the 'Navbar' and 'Mobile' positions. These menu modules can then be assigned to the related language.

In the YOOtheme Pro menu settings both selects for Navbar- and Mobile-Position need to be empty.

You can find a detailed description how to set up menus for multi-language websites in the official Joomla documentation: https://docs.joomla.org/J3.x:Setup_a_Multilingual_Site



Avatar inaki.garcia answered


I have the exact problem that you describe above. Please any answer?? How can we fix this?



Avatar bart.jan answered

how do i do the last paragraph of - https://docs.joomla.org/J3.x:Setup_a_Multilingual_Site

Unpublishing the default Main Menu

Apart from our two new menus, the website also contains the Main Menu which is part of the Joomla! default setup. If you have installed Joomla! without sample data, this menu contains only a Home item. Even if our bilingual site will use the new English Menu and the new French Menu, Joomla! still needs this default Main Menu and its Home Item to be able to function. Joomla! also requires the Main Menu module to remain assigned to Language: All. As this Main Menu doesn’t need to be displayed on the site, we’ll unpublish the associated menu module:

Navigate to Extensions → Modules, locate the Main Menu module and unpublish it.
The menus for the multilingual content are now set up. Just one more step to go: adding a language switcher module so that your users can select their prefered language.


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