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Tutorial extra field in contact form in YOOtheme Pro Joomla 3.7

Long have we waited to add custom fields to the contact form.
I just give a short tutorial for the form fields as you can see here where i added a birthday field.
In the Joomla backend in Contacts you have on the left 2 new items, Fields and Field groups.
Click on Fields and then on New. Above where it says Contact select Mail.
Select your type of field and add a name and label.
Before you can enter a value in the frontend you have to change the Permission for Edit Custom Field Value!
Check the result.
You see now that there is a legend called Fields. To get rid of it go to language overwrites and create a new overwrite.
Search for "JGLOBAL_FIELDS" for Constant and delete on the left the word Fields and save.

More info about fields here.
Used theme Copper Hill 1.5.7.

Regards, Michael tucfoto
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Avatar juan.carlos.navia.garcia answered


I followed the steps of your tutorial but did not show me anything on the form.
They are simple steps, but I do not know where I am failing.

I'm using Chester template and joomla 3.7.2

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