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Avatar brandon.scivolette asked

UIkit Sticky Menu: Not Working Anymore

Yesterday I updated a handful of extensions, including Widgetkit to 2.9.11 and the Warp framework of the Bento theme. After I cleared the cache and tested the site I found I was getting a console error for the sticky menu: Uncaught TypeError: $.UIkit.sticky is not a function

My theme is configured so the main nav is sticky, and follows the user as they scroll the page. Is it possible that this function is broken by the most recent update of either WK or the theme framework?

  • Widgetkit
  • UIkit
  • Bento

4 Answers


Avatar brandon.scivolette answered

No solution yet. I've investigated and found similar reports, but not enough to suggest it is an issue with the template or Joomla itself. I've tried a number of possible solutions but none have resolved it. Unfortunately I don't know enough about jquery to troubleshoot further.


Avatar brandon.scivolette answered

You are correct about the plg_jchoptimize, it is a compression plugin. However, I did disable the plugin and clear the full cache and I still received the error, this time showing the uncombined/compressed folder. So it isn't the plugin that is causing the issue. The source of the errors are listed below.



Avatar roland.steiner answered

Hello .. I am getting the same errors. Did you find a solution for this, @hendrik?


Avatar hendrik Yootheme Online answered


the error is raised in the file 'media/plg_jchoptimize/assets2/jscss.php'
This is not the original source of UIkit in Widgetkit or the template. Is this some kind of plugin that tries to combine every asset of every plugin into one file?

It looks like this produces errors. Please deactivate this plugin and check if it solves the issue.


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