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Avatar site123.ca asked

Will the Widgetkit 2 ever have pagination?

i believe it's an absolute necessity to include a Load More button and/or pagination for most (if not all) of the widgets. i don't see this as being too difficult to implement and you can keep it basic. This way we can start using this for our posts / woocommerce products / and other custom post types. Right now, the only other competition is Visual Composer (with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer) which gives you this option.

Thanks guys,


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Avatar maxip4 answered

Also for me is absolutely necessary pagination (or load more) for article loaded in the WK ...also for images it's good!


Avatar doug.mcentyre answered

Using it for a Blog... you have to have pagination.


Avatar site123.ca answered

Hi all. As the creator of this question over ONE YEAR AGO... i thank you all for your +1's. However, i am beginning to think that Yootheme cares more about their new Pagekit than they do their WordPress themes and Widgetkit. i am into my third year with Yootheme and created most of my sites with it. However, just recently i've actually started buying themes again and using other plugins that do accomplish what i WISH Widgetkit did. That said, it is what it is guys. Don't get your hopes up!


Avatar site123.ca answered

Guys, thanks so much for the support, but i have a strong feeling Yootheme isn't willing to put in the effort to make such a great request a reality. It's been over a year now and this is just ridiculous. Yootheme has been (for the most part), very great to work with and Warp 7 was a great invention. However, they are just not moving in the direction so many of us need and unfortunately, i have been forced to find another plugins and theme frameworks that will achieve the things i need.

Again, thanks to all for your +1's on this and good luck!


Avatar pixeldiele answered

follow up +1

An AJAX based "load more" or just a simple pagination would be very helpful on large galleries.

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