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CHANGELOG: Warp v7.3.36 (Updated October 2017)

What's New with the Warp 7 Framework!? Below is an updated changelog for the current version (I'll try and keep this updated so you don't have to find the readme file every time). Click the Star to the left to add this to your favorites for next time!

Looking For The Warp 6 Framework Changelog? CLICK HERE


  • Fixed head.php (WP)


  • Fixed html5 meta charset with cache enabled (J)
  • Fixed enqueue scripts before they were registered (WP)
  • Fixed missing return value in article register link (J)


  • Fixed do not minify already compressed .js files
  • Fixed com_search compatibility (J 3.7.3)


  • Added Woocommerce 3.x gallery support


  • Fixed thumbnail view for Woocommerce 2.7
  • Fixed encoding html in menu title (WP)
  • Fixed enqueue scripts before widgets loaded (WP)


  • Fixed language directory name 'ro-RO' (J)
  • Fixed woocommerce style (WP)
  • Fixed font selection in customizer
  • Updated search results truncation (WP)


  • Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility (WP)


  • Updated UIkit to 2.27.2
  • Fixed color picker in customizer
  • Fixed font import in customizer + copy style
  • Fixed widget assignment on woocommerce categories/tags (WP)
  • Fixed breadcrumbs + sidebar widget (WP)


  • Added filter for warp ajax search (WP)
  • Updated language files (J)
  • Fixed frontpage posts pagination (WP)


  • Updated UIkit to 2.26.4
  • Fixed redirect url after login on read more (J)
  • Fixed duplicate items in breadcrumbs module (J)
  • Removed CssRtlFilter direction property


  • Added function getPageInfo() to SystemHelper
  • Updated language files
  • Fixed widget assignment with WPML (WP)


  • Updated UIkit to 2.26.3
  • Fixed font selection in customizer (IE)


  • Updated language files
  • Fixed use of deprecated function add_object_page() (WP)


  • Updated UIkit to 2.26.2
  • Fixed font selection in customizer
  • Fixed menu settings backward compatibility (J 2.5)


  • Updated UIkit to 2.26.0
  • Fixed sticky navbar not changing background-color (Chrome)


  • Added Support for widgets count > 6 in a position
  • Updated Wordpress 4.5 compatibility
  • Updated post layouts, render post image with srcset (WP)
  • Fixed center login-form in offline page (J)
  • Fixed font selection in customizer


  • Added new font selection in customizer
  • Updated UIkit to 2.25.0
  • Updated menu settings in template options (J 3.5)
  • Fixed headings text-rendering attribute in bootstrap-fix.less (J)
  • Fixed widget assignment on search results (WP)


  • Added support for additional article meta information (J)
  • Fixed search widget
  • Fixed number of posts on frontpage setting (WP)
  • Fixed article multi column in blog + featured view (J)


  • Added class for articles in columns
  • Fixed article icon links spacing
  • Fixed tag_cloud widget (WP)
  • Fixed widget nav settings
  • Fixed detection of current menu item (J)


  • Fixed scrollspy-nav issue


  • Updated UIkit to 2.24.3
  • Fixed namespacing issue in JsCompressorFilter
  • Fixed unstyled WooCommerce widgets on not WooCommerce pages
  • Fixed scrollspy apply detection


  • Added preventflip:y for navbar dropdowns
  • Added automatically apply uk-scrollspy-nav on menus when needed
  • Added theme documentation links to admin section
  • Updated UIkit to 2.24.2
  • Fixed youtube iframes when search module is published (J)
  • Fixed frontend editing layout (J)
  • Removed unnecessary div from article.php (J)


  • Moved template cache to /media (J)
  • Removed article meta information options (J)


  • Added article meta information options (J)
  • Updated UIkit to 2.23.0
  • Updated language files


  • Added support for svgs as datauri


  • Fixed missing bootstrap js if bootstrap loading is enabled
  • Fixed icon selection in module settings


  • Keep custom link classes (WP)
  • Updated UIkit to 2.22.0
  • Fixed Wordpress 4.3 compatibility


  • Updated UIkit sticky.js component for the latest sticky navigation features


  • Added Ukrainian translation file (J)
  • Fixed keep current selected layout in template options (J)
  • Fixed save failed on compile LESS
  • Fixed archive override for custom post_type (WP)
  • Fixed multisite check (W)
  • Fixed option-set return value (W)


  • Fixed missing closing <a> tag in article override (J)
  • Fixed saving template settings failed (J 3.4.2)
  • Fixed 'max_input_vars' error on save/close template settings (J)
  • Fixed article links override (J)
  • Fixed empty config saving


  • Updated UIkit to 2.21.0
  • Fixed returnURL of hidden articles after user login
  • Fixed MooTools hide issue


  • Added post navigation (WP)
  • Updated UIkit to 2.20.3
  • Fixed template hierarchy (WP)
  • Fixed article navigation layout (J)
  • Fixed menu rendering of separators in offcanvas menu
  • Added grid layout last doubled
  • Removed Mootools in layout overrides (J)


  • Added option for WooCommerce products per page (WP)
  • Added option for number of posts on frontpage (WP)
  • Fixed render menu position only if menu assigned (WP)
  • Fixed validation on front-end editing


  • Added ARIA support for Navbar
  • Added option to disable page title (WP)
  • Added icon replacement for RTL mode
  • Updated UIkit to 2.17.0
  • Updated language files (J)
  • Fixed developer mode, trigger resize event after redraw
  • Fixed .uk-link-reset in bootstrap-fix.less (J)
  • Fixed pagination (J34)


  • Added child theme support (WP)
  • Added Widgetkit 2 support
  • Added Less 1.5.1 for developer mode, to support compiling on IOS 8
  • Updated UIkit to 2.15.0


  • Fixed input fields height in Woocommerce (WP)


  • Updated UIkit to 2.10.0
  • Updated Bootstrap fix (J3)
  • Updated Bootstrap layer (J3)
  • Updated LESS compiler to 1.7.5
  • Added Woocommerce support (WP)
  • Added modules front-end edit (J)
  • Added system output on offline page (J)
  • Replaced all input[type=submit] with button[type="submit"]
  • Changed title-rendering to wp_title with custom filter (WP)
  • Fixed comments reply button (WP)
  • Fixed widget assignments for custom post types (WP)
  • Removed search close button and loading spinner


  • Fixed pagination page-button issue


  • Updated UIkit to 2.8.0


  • Added transform to CSS RTL conversion
  • Updated category override (J)
  • Fixed cancel comment reply link (WP)
  • Fixed dropdown navbar column width calculation


  • Updated facebook like button
  • Added two factor authentication to offline site (J3)
  • Fixed use default style.less from configured less folder
  • Fixed search in widgets view (WP)
  • Fixed more results in search
  • Fixed unclosed element in recent comments widget (WP)
  • Fixed spacing issue in author view (WP)


  • Updated UIkit to 2.6.0
  • Updated LESS.js to 1.7.0
  • Fixed multiple images as data uri
  • Fixed title links in SmartSearch results (J32)
  • Fixed Post Page-Links (WP)
  • Removed pubdate attribute from time element


  • Fixed default Gravatar in recent comments widget (WP)


  • Updated Customizer
  • Updated UIkit to 2.3.1
  • Changed default Gravatar (WP)
  • Fixed Icon picker (J3)
  • Fixed off-canvas for Windows phones
  • Fixed Pagination (J3)


  • Fixed linked titles within tags override (J32)
  • Dropdown touch optimized
  • Fixed Smart Search override (J25)


  • Added comments in CSS files
  • Refactored style file structure
  • Updated UIkit to 2.0.0
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 3.2.0 (J32)
  • Added icons to pagination (J)
  • Removed /custom folder
  • Fixed leading article (J)


  • Updated less compiler to version 1.5.1
  • Updated com_contact override (J25)
  • Fixed calling get_header + get_footer actions (WP)
  • Fixed template settings (J32)


  • Updated UIkit to 1.2.0
  • Updated user overrides (J25)
  • Updated markup for recent comments widget (WP)
  • Fixed avatar class handling (WP)


  • Fixed header data check on error pages (J)
  • Fixed error page (WP)


  • Fixed article meta display option
  • Fixed default widget display option (J25)


  • Updated search results layout (J3)
  • Fixed com_content archive overwrite (J3)
  • Fixed subtitles in menu (WP)
  • Fixed uk-nav-sub class in navbar renderer


  • Updated search results layout (J3)
  • Updated article layout (J)
  • Added post message for iframe on customizer update
  • Fixed linked article title (J)
  • Fixed widget rendering twice (J)
  • Fixed customizer toggle advanced mode in safari (J)
  • Fixed customizer less tree error (J)


  • Added Bootstrap layer (J3)
  • Added subtitle support for menu items
  • Updated UIkit to 1.1.0
  • Fixed readmore markup (WP)
  • Fixed author markup (WP)
  • Fixed pagination override (J)


  • Updated UIkit to 1.0.2
  • Menus settings will show items for multiple languages
  • Fixed duplicate attribute class in search widget (WP)
  • Fixed blog layout (J25)
  • Truncate title in widget settings


  • Updated UIkit to 1.0.1
  • Fixed customizer support (Safari 6+)
  • Fixed compression settings
  • Fixed search in offcanvas
  • Fixed select elements on theme settings page (J 3.1.4)


  • Offcanvas menu refactored
  • Settings show all modules and menus now, independent of access settings (J)
  • Fixed multicolumn layouts in some views (J)


  • Fixed grid for multicolumn layout (WP)


  • Fixed RTL for PHP 5.3
  • Fixed check for customizer browser compatibility


  • Added style assignment for a page
  • Added RTL asset filter in PHP
  • Grid supports 6 columns now
  • Assign icons/images to menu subitems
  • Refactored responsive module/widget behavior
  • Moved styles to separate directory
  • Refactored UIkit grid
  • Updated UIkit
  • Optimized customizer
  • Fixed post size when compiling less
  • Fixed js error on pages with comments (WP)
  • Fixed comments layout (WP)


  • Fixed textseparators in menu navbar
  • Fixed multisite configuration (WP)


  • Added body_class() filter call (WP)
  • Added PHP 5.3+ compatibility check (J)


  • Fixed Menu header items in nav menus
  • Fixed comments error (WP)
  • Fixed external links in customizer in Firefox
  • Fixed customizer display in IE
  • Fixed featured article override display error (J)
  • Fixed tag override display error (J)
  • Widgets view does no longer show type of widget (WP)
  • Changed name of "display" field to "assignment"
  • Changed name of "devicedisplay" field to "display"


  • Initial Release

YOOTHEME! Please update the download page (idea below) to have a link to either this changelog post or an official one per theme!

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  • WordPress
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Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

Yes, a changelog in a more prominent place would certainly be good.

Still: If there is a new version it is generally recommended to update, regardless of what was changed.

Thank you

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