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Avatar anna.truss asked

I would like to create a Widgetkit 2 Slideshow / Gallery similar to Showcase in Widgetkit 1


I am trying to find a way to present a slideshow or a gallery with Widgetkit 2 similar to how it was available in Widgetkit 1.
I like the Showcase Example as it is presented here: https://demo.yootheme.com/themes/joomla/2013/glass/index.php/widgetkit/gallery

Is this possible? Or can someone at least point me to the right direction on how this can be accomplished?


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  • Widgetkit
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10 Answers


Avatar viktor.horst.17 answered

Hi Anna,

I understand what you want and I was looking for the same.

I found a solution that works for me and maybe it can work for you as well. It is not exactly the same, but comes pretty close. That a look at the custom widget 'Slideshow' of the theme Monday. It does not have the arrow's besides the thumbnails, but the thumbnails stay in one row and it is responsive.

If you use it, don't forget to copy the css of this widget from theme.css (row 12063 till 12173) to your custom.css, because otherwise it doesn't work right.

Hope this helps or points you in the right direction.

Best regards,
Viktor Horst


Avatar michael.anlauf Support Online answered

I don't know of which one you are talking about (they are several) on the site but take a look here and scroll down for setting explanations.
That's the direction. You can also install the demo to check out how things are done.

Regards, Michael tucfoto.com



Avatar anna.truss answered

Thank you Michael for your response.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help at all. I am looking for a style as shown in the link I posted. It is not available in the latest Widgetkit 2, but was available in Widgetkit 1.

Thanks though! Hope someone can help me!


Avatar anna.truss answered

I understand that... It was called a Gallery in Widgetkit 1, and this is why I said it was a gallery.

The new slideshow does NOT have the same theme like the one I am showing. If am not seeing it, then please show it to me? I need the exact one that has thumbnails on the bottom and the arrows on the left and write from the thumbnails... And I need 5 thumbnails at a time, which would be scrolled through with the arrows on each side, just as it is shown in that "Showcase Example".


Avatar michael.anlauf Support Online answered

You can start with the widget and add your own CSS to custom.css (you can add your own class to the widget) to change the style of the buttons and to add a background to the thumbs area.


Avatar anna.truss answered


Changing the css will change the style itself, but won't change the functionality. The arrows in Widgetkit 2 slideshow change between the images, while the arrows in the Widgetkit 1 gallery showcase scroll between the thumbnails to show more if there are any. And the way the main image is changed, is when the thumbnail is clicked and not with the arrows...

The current slidehow within Widgetkit 2 also shows as many thumbnails are there are... So if you added 50, then all 50 would be presented underneath, and not 5 at a time... This is a big problem, as all I need is a big image and 5 thumbnails underneath, which I could then scroll between.

CSS changes will not help in this case.


Avatar anna.truss answered

Does someone know how to accomplish this or at please point me to the right direction?


Avatar michael.anlauf Support Online answered

So long nobody knows which style you mean and be aware we are not sitting with you in front of your screen it's difficult to help you.
They are a lot of galleries in the site you linked to.

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