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Avatar kurt.boeker asked

Why did you build the framework without WYSIWYG?

I don't understand. I know other items are more fun to work on. But none of our clients can use this. It should be the first feature you add to the framework. I speak for a lot of people on this forum. Please stop anything else you are working on and get the WYSIWYG editor working. We're paying for a subscription, year after year. But about half of this year, we had to pass on Yootheme Pro, and Widgetkit 2. They are great, but for the lack of one very important feature, we had to throw them right in the garbage.

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Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

We added support for the default WYSIWYG editor in YOOtheme Pro 1.6. Read more about it here.


Avatar peter.leslie answered

a proper WYSIWYG editor is essential - not one that just give you bold and italics, the Editor should be the default one used by Joomla, so for those of us that like JCE and those that like Tiny etc ...

Agree with Kurt, while I can use your products without the editor, when I hand over websites to clients to manage, it makes it nearly impossible for them to self edit and manage content.


Avatar kurt.boeker answered

A new theme is out and I was hoping to see this by now. I really really want to be able to use Pro. I tried for about 3 hours to figure out a way I could use pro or widgetkit so my clients could edit the site. I just can not figure out a work around that won't completely confuse my clients. Btw, my clients paid for my years subscription. Now I look like a jackass.

Yootheme... I know we complain and complain. But I'd even be happy if you could make a suggestion on a temporary work around for our clients. How can we let clients edit a text area, with formatting? Anything?

We all know you've put a lot of work into pro, and we appreciate it. But if our clients can't edit... it's all for nothing. Someone please make a suggestion.



Avatar jan.magnussen answered

I agree with the comments made above.
We need an editor now !


Avatar graham.styles answered

Pro is not fit for purpose without a WYSIWYG editor.


Avatar jake.record answered

I dont know how they expect anyone to manage these sites effectivly. I am looking for a new system now that will allow my simple minded cleints to just add basic content to their pages without learning how to do my job.

everyone is complaining about this.

it allows Yootheme to no longer create themes, only framework because it requires the user to do everything else.

Soon they will likley even stop providing installable demos alltogether...only a "showcase".


Avatar kurt.boeker answered

Actually, I think you excluded everyone! Let's say you wanted to target users who aren't web designers. People who want to build their own site. They can't do that without the editor. Or, lets say you wanted to target web designers. You've removed a bunch of stuff, or made it very difficult to use modules, widgets, components, blog categories, wp plugins, menu assignments, etc, etc. I have built 3 small websites with Pro. But there's no advanced functionality. And the user will not be able to edit their own site. If you continue this way, I think you're going to lose everyone. I've been with you since your first year! Not saying I won't come back to you when you get everything figured out. But I don't think I can renew my subscription, which is coming up soon. I've downloaded all the Warp 7 themes. And the templates never get hacked, and pretty much never cause problems with updates. I guess I'll just wait and hope for the best.


Avatar nathan.fincher answered

I'm not sure if support marked this as answered or not but I suggest not marking this question as answered because I think that could cause it go fly under the radar of support if they think the problem is solved.


Avatar jeffery.betts answered

I was hoping to find an answer to the lack of ability to use the installed content editor to edit HTML blocks. By now there should be a way to add a link and set basic formatting for the text and images in articles or posts/pages. I'm going to have to take my money and spend it with someone who makes themes. I was a big fan for years.

I have clients asking how they are supposed to be able to manage their site, like I promised them they would be able to do with Wordpress and Joomla.

Not being able to use the blog/category layout is also a major issue for me.


Avatar andrew222 answered

I'm quite sure that the Yootheme developers are onto a good thing here but the launch of the website builder is months too early as in its current state it's more of an irritation than a working solution. I’m not totally dishing it as I really do think the developers are onto a good thing with the website builder but at the moment it’s not ready for live sites and the support is pretty thin or non-existent judging by the lack of response to questions here.

In all fairness, an answer by Yootheme support regarding the lack of an editor for clients to use saying _ 'It's in development'_ is disgusting an probably winds up a hell of a lot of people that already have subscriptions and have to try and explain this to their clients who paid for it.

Perhaps the crap support is just temporary but I’m sure but I'm sure it's enough to lose a lot of loyal customers which doesn’t help anyone.

Here's my proposal for those that already have valid subscriptions or still want to stick with Yootheme templates……

Totally ignore Website Builder until it's past beta stage (that's where it really is now) but make use of the new Yootheme templates that use UIKIT 3 ;-)

If you go here UIKIT 3 , it looks a lot to take in but take your time and have a look at each of the examples. They all do what the builder does anyway and you have the option to copy and paste the markup into your regular Joomla articles. Yes, crate the articles the regular way in Joomla then you won't have to see the ‘Open Website Builder’ button.

Not enough module positions like your used to in the Warp 7.3 templates, just add grids on the joomla page. You can have them plain like in the first example or make use of the card css and have that nice shadow effect. Now you can have modules side by side or in columns ;-)

If you want to put a widget into the grid, while in the Joomla editor just go into code view, put the curser in between the two divs where the new content should be and then click the Widgetkit button under the editor window. It will add something like [widgetkit id="2" name="Your Widget"]

Take a look at the options for UIKIT 3 Modals. Some look fantastic and you can just copy and paste the code from examples to your Joomla article and slightly change to your needs.

Before you sign over the website to the client, make copies of all the pages so you have an unpublished backup in case they mess them up the originals and the client can now make their own changes via the normal editor by filling in sections you created.

What do you reckon ...... perhaps a good workaround until Yootheme get their act together and we're all happy once again?

Sorry, forgot to make it clear that you still use website builder to set up your menu layout, add logo, search etc..... you just don't use the Builder part on your individual pages so that you can still control them in the normal Joomla way under Content - Articles.



Avatar micha.welter.42 answered

You may mark the question as solved because latest Yootheme Pro does have one now :)


Avatar micha.welter.42 answered

wendy.paine you may missounderstood. The Yootheme Pro dont have any option to use a editor, you may talk about normal warp 6/7 templates...


Avatar toni answered

We heave WYSIWYG editor indeed but my editors-xtd buttons are missing. I use several plugins like that, now I have to insert them to an article and copy from there. Could you please enable these buttons?

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