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Avatar john.b asked

1.3.9 installation bug - can't access ANY Yootheme Pro settings after upgrade

I just updated Yootheme Pro from 1.3.8 to 1.3.9, and I can no longer access Yootheme Pro. The theme is still working in the preview window, and the Page Builder links still exist on the backend Page options, but when I attempt to edit a page and go into the Page Builder, I'm met with the default Wordpress options with no Yootheme Pro options available. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/pY8Aiw0

This feels like a cache problem, but since I can't access the "clear cache" feature in Yootheme Pro, I don't know what to do. Is there a way to manually remove cached files via FTP? Is it as simple as deleting everything in a particular folder?

Versions: Wordpress 4.7.2 / Yootheme Pro 1.3.9

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6 Answers


Avatar john.b answered

Problem not solved, but I found the culprit - disabling the Widgetkit plugin (2.9.2) restored the missing Yootheme Pro Page Builder options. Re-enabling the plugin however, makes them disappear again. :(



Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


we are investigating the issue and will provide an update.


Avatar bebang answered

Hi John, thanks for the widgetkit tip, but you are right this is a major bug and I hope the yootheme team will address this shortly!


Avatar calabasasdental answered

Yeah disabling widgekit worked for me. But now I don't have widgekit. I hope they fix this soon.


Avatar igor.vuksanovic answered

Version 1.3.10. for Wordpress is not rendering the headings (menu, logo, etc...)

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