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Avatar marcin.krzyzanowski asked

slider on the top of the page


how can I put on the top of the page, instead of static picture/image, an picture slider or video or picture+video slider?

I'm using yootheme pro on wordpress and full widgetkit 2.9
You can see the scratch on http://serwer1737319.home.pl/horizonPictures

I would like also the navbar transparent, until the page won't be scrolled down.
Now after firs slide the navbar comes from above.

I've managed to insert the slider as a widget in the widget top using widget kit.


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2 Answers


Avatar florian Yootheme answered

I see you have managed to put a slider on your page the way you wanted it. Is that right?

I'm afraid I don't understand the rest of your question. Can you please explain in more detail what you would like the navbar to do? Can you maybe link to one of the examples from the YOOtheme demos (www.yootheme.com/demo/) where the navbar behaves in a way as you want it to?



Avatar marcin.krzyzanowski answered

Hello Florian,

fortunately yes, I've managed to start the slider working.
besides there are some issues I would like to discuss: - how it's possible to put the logo and the nav menu bar to overlap the slider - so the slide will be in the background and in the background will be the slider photos - is it possible to insert to slider apart photos also a movie? - is it possible to insert a movie into the gallery?

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