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Avatar riccardo.zorn asked

Error: Cannot use string offset as an array in Monday

Clean install of the Monday template (with no sample data), following the docs I set up the content and widgetkit and everything was running fine, except when I started creating the tags to provide the coloured super-title effects.

I found that only disabling the Joomla tags would make it work, otherwise I'd get the error: "Cannot use string offset as an array" every time the page shown contained a tag; bug tags are necessary for the nice title effects if the source of content is Joomla, such as in the Latest articles widget: it wouldn't pick up the tags if they were disabled, so I went crazy for a few hours searching through the code.

Then I found the solution: simply disable tag output (either in Article manager options, or on each of the menu items depending on your use scenario). Since tags are used as titles, it makes no sense to show them as tags anyway.

I am writing this in the hope it will save some time, the issue is solved.

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  • Widgetkit
  • Monday

3 Answers


Avatar joshgilson answered

I too got this error using PHP 7.1.10 and the newest version of widgetkit and UIKIT v7
YooTheme any fix for this?


Avatar biguphosting answered

Have the same error.
I recently changed to php 7.1 as @joshgilson said


Avatar steve.hill answered

same error here with Monday reduced PHP version to 7.0 and all working..

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