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Avatar adam.parker asked

show a tooltip upon page load?

Anyone know how I can make a tooltip appear on page load?

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4 Answers


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Well, that definitely requires some or more custom JS and is outside the scope of support, I'm afraid.

But you could make use of UIkit elements to reach your goal. For example, you can trigger to show tooltips or modals with JS.

UIkit.tooltip('#myid').show(); // show your tooltip  
UIkit.tooltip('#myid').hide(); // hide your tooltip

You can also fire events after an item is shown or after an item's hide animation has started. Also see

UIkit 3 Tooltip Javascript
UIkit modal Dialogs via JS

Hope, this helps, and good luck!



Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi adam.parker,

I don't exactly understand your question: Do you want to show a tooltip for an element on pageload and then hide it once the page is completely loaded? Or do you want to show the tooltip for an element once the page has completely loaded? If so, when should it be hidden again (or shouldn't it)?

Do you have a link to a site showing what you want to achieve? Can you provide a link to the site you want to implement this on?

Anyways, take a look at the UIkit 3 Tooltip: Component Options or UIkit 3 Tooltip: JavaScript Events

Kind regards


Avatar adam.parker answered

thanks, this page is behind password so not easy to show you. What I'm after are a step-by-step system where tooltips show the user around the site and one by one the user clicks out of the prior step and is shown the next step until all are done. It may be beyond the scope of UIkit


Avatar thomas.p Support answered


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Thank you

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