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Avatar kike.rocha.gamboa asked

Yootheme pro with Google Ads

Hola, puedo colocar anuncios de google en pagina de Yoothem pro?, necesito colocar un script en la seccion head de una pagina especifica, cual es la mejor manera o la via correcta para hacerlo. Gracias
Hi, could i put google ads into yootheme pro page?, i need to put a scritp code in head section for a specific page, wich is the optimal route? thanks.

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Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hola kike.rocha.gamboa,

I haven't tried it yet, but I guess you can. To add a script in the head tag in YOOtheme Pro, add your script at Extensions->Templates->yootheme->OPEN WEBSITE BUILDER->Settings->Custom Code->SCRIPT (Joomla) or Appearance->Customize->Settings->Custom Code->SCRIPT (WordPress).

To add an external script, use


It will be placed in the <head> tag inside a try-catch-block.

If you only want that script to be executed on certain pages, I'd suggest to add a page class to your menu item and then add the following script

    if (jQuery( "body" ).hasClass( "foo" )) {  
            // doSomething  

Kind regards

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