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Avatar alexo101 asked

content cck

Hello, since you have made something beautyful with yootheme pro you must find a solution for me for this problem: I 'm about to pubblish a blog where registered users will pubblish their articles. Hw can i format those articles using yootheme pro? I mean the users will not have backend credentials, they will login to the front side and insert their articles (basically it is made of 1 main image, text, 3-4 for image in a small photogallery, maybe a map) i'm used to use some pre-made cck extension like form2content.com that basically allows you to create an article template using html and an input form with fields of your choice, then the user login in the frontend fills the fields and the article is automatically pubblished in the chose directory formatted with the template you made. How can i do that with yootheme pro? once i make a "sample article" using yootheme pro is there a way to get the html version of it? or are there any alternatives to let users fill a simple form from the front end and get a beautyfully formatted article like the ones i get using yootheme pro? thank you

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Avatar david.dahl answered

The (not so simple) answer is to use YooTheme's ZOO to create the framework for your blog. Afterwards, you'd have to customize it a bit to achieve the layout needed. All of the necessary directions are in the ZOO documentation area but, to be fair, while the changes aren't difficult they can be confusing if you've never made them before.



Avatar patrick.faasse.70 answered

Hi, I use Form2Content all the time, also in combination with Yootheme Pro. It has pro's and con's so the following works for me.

You can include "static" content via the free Form2Content Anywhere plugin in your Yootheme Pro pages. For dynamic pages I don't use Yootheme Pro but build the content using Uikit3 in my Form2Content article templates.

A small trick for layout is to create a Yootheme Pro page, copy the html of it and use it as the basis for your Form2Content article template. Saves you having to build up the page layout from scratch ;)

Hope this helps. Regards,

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