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Avatar alejandro.rodriguez.81 asked

Error after Update 1.9.9

For some reason after the update, the website doesnt look ok... Chech it out
I´m using Joline Theme.

A Beige bar at right of the screen take 1/3 (https://gochiza.com) of the screen and I could fix it but the Style Options are totally missing from the Builder. Image

Any clue? I already tried using Firefox, safari and Chrome.

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3 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support Online answered

Your site seems fine now. Please check again. If not, then this is most likely a cache issue.


Avatar zoccolocd answered

Correct, same here. Seems to be a bug.


Avatar zoccolocd answered

To be more precize;

It's a template cache issue. Never had this with any preview template update. Within the template go to "settings > advanced > clear cache".

Clearing the joomla cache doesn't fix it.

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